Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am Behind ....

... in the 52 Pair Plunge. I should be on pair 13, and I just finished pair 10. I hope I can get caught up. I have plenty in the works, the problem is finishing them. I have second sock syndrome really bad. I have 4 socks sitting here on the computer desk in various stages of completion, and I know there are at least that many more incomplete pair in the knitting bag. But, I did get these finished. The new Cherry Tree Hill, "Sockittome" socks in the Moody Blues color. This yarn is nice to work with, and I will be buying more of it.

I wound some of the new yarn last night, and cast on with the Great Adirondack in the Kenya colorway. I was curious to see this knit up. I saw a swatch of it knit up online, after I bought it, and I wasn't too thrilled with it. Thank goodness it was just the monitor thing. I love it, and it looks just like I imagined it would be judging from the colors in the hank. And it is soft, tightly spun, and feels great. It is actually darker, more jewel tones than it looks in the picture. There will be more of this yarn in my future also.

And I started this sock. I really need to buy some solid colored sock yarn. I say that every time I start a textured sock, but when I order or buy, it is almost always a variegated yarn. I love color, and lots of it. I charted this out the other night, and cast on with some Opal. I think I will have to go surfing for a solid Lorna's or something. I will finish these in this color, because even though the design doesn't show well on camera, I like it.
Contest Alert: Karen sent me this link. Ali is having another contest. This one is not as much work as the last one was. Just answer the question in a comment and you are done. There is Blue Sky Alpacas involved ... yummy. Why are you still here reading, go enter the contest.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Webs Is a Dangerous Place ...

.... anyway, it is for the yarn budget. I joined the Mystery Stole 3 Yahoo Group. I did it last year too, but I have to confess, ... I never finished it. I loved it! It looked great! But once I finished the first half, I never got around to knitting the mirror image side. I have high hopes for completion this go around. Anyway, getting back to Webs. I was looking for some lace wt. yarn to make this stole. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it given my history. Webs had cones of Alpaca/Silk at a very reasonable price so I got some. It is much darker than I thought it was going to be, but still pretty. I little fuzzier too, but that is OK. I am going to make mine sans beads. Now I can swatch, and I will be ready for the first clue on Friday. And, while I was browsing a few other things found their way into my shopping cart. A new to me sock yarn, Shibui, in the Marine color. It is ever so soft and yummy. Pretty blues and greens. And another hank of Soxie by the Great Adirondack Yarn Company in the Kenya color.

I am almost finished with the Moody Blues socks in the Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome. I am close to the toe decreases on the second one. I really am enjoying knitting with this yarn. It feels so nice going through your hands. And, I have one of the Lorna's Laces done in the Georgetown colorway .... that makes a pair .... right? Blogger doesn't want to let me load anymore pictures, so I guess that is it for today. I better make some dinner for my family. Happy Knitting everyone.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend Of Miniatures

Not the whole weekend, and really not that many miniatures. But I did make a few tiny items. DD1 wanted a sock key chain, so I knit up this. The cell phone is for scale. She likes it, but tells me that she would really like another one made in the same yarn I used for Mandy's ankle socks. Her key chain collection is amazing for someone who only has 1 or 2 keys.

And I knit this, it took about 40 minutes to construct. Now I know that all the Barbies in the house have pants .... somewhere. I know that these dolls have a much more extensive wardrobe than I do, and I have spent a small fortune on keeping these dolls in fashionable attire. But for some reason, the only thing we could find to cover this doll is an evening gown, and of course a brand new, hand knit, raglan sweater. So really not a whole weekend of minis, but a few.

And these are on their way to Arizona, to SWTC. It is TOFUtsies in color 789. I really did like knitting with this yarn. There will be more in my future I am sure. And I usually don't block my socks that I knit for myself. The sock blockers are just to take pretty pictures of the socks. But these socks were so nice blocked, I may have to change my thinking on the whole sock blocking thing.
The afghan continues to grow and socks are being knit ... and frogged. More later.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Not Much Going On.......

I really have been knitting, but it seems like there is not much to show. I think the kids being out of school has drastically cut into my knitting time. The afghan looks the same , only a bit longer. I think I have about 20 inches knit on that, woo hoo only 40 more to go. I won't bore you with a picture of it since it looks the same as it did in the last post, just imagine it twice as long.

On the sock front, I am close to being finished with the SWTC socks. I should be able to get these finished today, that is if the kids will let me. I really like the TOFUtsies yarn, it is soft and the finished sock is wonderful. DD1 is in love with the color of this one (color 789) so I may have to get more of this for her. I am almost finished with the gusset decreases and then it goes really quickly. If only the "Mom Cab" didn't have to make so many runs a day, I could get stuff done. I really need to clean my house. Now that they are home, it is a total disaster.... not that I was such a great housekeeper to begin with.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe had a little of the new Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome sock yarn. I don't think this yarn is expected to be in shops until early fall, but she had a small test run sample. I was very happy to be able to grab some of that while it was available. I bought the Moody Blues colorway. This yarn is nice. It feels a little thicker than the supersock, well to me it does anyway. I was worried I was going to wear all the good off of this yarn before I even got half a sock knit. I frogged it about 5 times before I decided to go with this. I don't know why I chose the rosewood needles with this dark yarn, my eyes are not liking the dark yarn on the dark needles much ... I know better than to do that. All my other needles must be occupied...anyway, that is my excuse for this error in judgement.
Last night DD1 and I drove up to just south of Indy. A friend of mine used to have a yarn shop, she closed last summer :( She still has some yarn she wants to sell, so every now and then she will open a small shop and have a knit in and try to sell some yarn. She had one lonely hank of Soxie Great Adirondack yarn left in the Beach House color . I had to have it. This is a sock yarn I have never knit with, it is soft. It seems a little thinner to me than what I normally knit with. I may have to knit this on 0's, and it only has 360 yards, so that will limit my pattern choices since I have such huge size 10 feet. I will hopefully be able to go back up to her shop the next time she is open and buy more sock yarn.
That is about it for today. I better get knitting on that sock if I hope to have it done by tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend and happy knitting!