Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's a Bobble Invasion

I felted the Noni Bobble bag tonight. How am I going to give this thing a haircut, and WHY did I use Lopi? I knew it would be a fuzzy mess when it was felted, I just didn't think of all of those pesky little bobbles getting in the way during the shaving process... live and learn. It was a very time consuming bag to knit, not a difficult knit just a time hog. I wish I had remembered to bring handles home with me today from the LYS, so I could officially finish it this weekend. I will settle for it drying and try to defuzz it, and then worry about the handles on Monday.

I also want to show what little progress I have made on the Baby Albert. Why haven't I finished this yet? Why, why? Well, I don't know. I like knitting it and it is small, so one would think it would be a quick one to do. I have no excuse... other than the Bobble Invasion.

Well, I am done for the night. It is late, I am tired so it is time to shut things down. Goodnight all!


Karen said...

I didn't realize that bag had so many bobbles on it. You're a real trooper. And Baby Albert is looking great, you'll get it done in a couple of hours I bet. I did find a pattern I'm going to use for Lauren and I think I'll have enough material for a matching doll outfit too.I'll send you pics when it's done.

Claudia said...

Wow, that's one amazing bag! Congratulations!!!!