Monday, February 12, 2007

So Close....

You remember the sweater from the bad place, the one knit in the Lion Brand Homespun. I was determined to finish it. I started it eons ago, well really a year and a half ago. I hate knitting with this yarn, it hurts my hands and arms, so I would knit a few rows and then put it away. Well, I was determined to finish it and I wanted my daughter to stop griping at me, so I worked and worked and worked on it .... and ran out of yarn with only 14 rows of finishing to do. Can you believe that? So now I have to go shopping for another ball of the stuff, I know I won't match the dye lot but I don't really care, I just hope I can find the color. And since I started it over a year ago it is really too short in the body too. She has grown about 4 or 5 inches taller in the last year and a half. Since I am going to have to buy more I might as well take out the bottom and make it longer. Argh!!!!

DS's sweater is coming along nicely, I am on the hood and then just weaving in ends. I like this one so much better than DD's. He is anxiously awaiting for it to be finished. I really like the way this one looks. And it just figures, I put a stripe of black in his, thinking I didn't have enough of the teal ... well I have plenty, in fact I have found another ball. Ran out for DD's and have too much for his. I can't convince him that it would look nice with a collar, so I will have to keep knitting the hood.

And this Bearfoot yarn has been 5 different socks. But this is what it is going to stay. I have definitely got my money's worth out of this ball, knitting it so many times. I was afraid I was going to wear the "good" off of it. This sock is knit in a 4 x 2 rib, and I like it. No matter which pattern I have used and no matter the number of stitches, it has pooled the exact same way each time. Now , hopefully I will make its mate and be done with it. I love the yarn, I love the colors, I just couldn't find a pattern.

And I don't know about you, but I think this counts a a pair. These are mittens for the DS and DD 2. His are knit in Blue and Red Dancing Fibers Serendipity 60% Alpaca and 40% Merino, Magic loop method. And hers are Cascade 220 Superwash. But I am going to frog hers though, it is a little short in the thumb gusset. And, I found some navy, unfortunately not superwash , in the stash, to add to hers. It will match her coat perfectly.

Well, hubby is home, with dinner.

Stay warm everyone, we are expecting freezing rain, sleet, and then snow tonight and tomorrow. Sounds like fun!

Edited 2/13/07 We are covered in Ice. The northern part of the state is having blizzard conditions, we are covered in ice. It is still sleeting, the temps are dropping, and snow is on the way. The wind is blowing. You should hear the trees creak as the wind blows through their frozen branches. It is kind of eerie. I would really much rather just have snow!!!


Becca said...

Ooohhh, I hate Homespun too! I can't believe you've made that much of a sweater out of it. Your son looks positively thrilled to be modeling his sweater. I love the black stripe. I like the pooling in your sock. Is that the Tamarack colorway by any chance? I have some Bearfoot in my stash in that color.

Stay warm, it's 71 degrees here today!

Shelley said...

I haven't knitted with Homespun, but I have used it to crochet a couple of shawls. I didn't mind that.

Love the sock - great colours!

The sweaters are looking great, and I think your son's would look great with a collar too.

~Tonia~ said...

Yeah the Homespun doesn't do anything for me either. I hope you can find the color, if not get a contrasting color and put a stripe at the top and bottom.

Your son looks so happy to have his picture taken. :) His sweater looks great though.

I love the way the color pools in the sock yarn. They are so pretty.

We are going to get the same weather. UGH. Why does it have to be ice and freezing rain? I would much rather have snow that is for sure.

What part of Indiana do you live in?

Helen said...

What is it about hoods, I don't know what it is but but my son loves hoods too, he has plenty of wind cheaters but he mostly wears the ones with a hood. And your son's sweater looks great so does the homespun one.
I seem to have the same problem with the Mountain yarn you sent me, I love the yarn so much and every now and then I pull it out and squeeze it and pat it (so glad no one sees me do that)but I'm having real trouble deciding on a sock pattern for it. Oh it's been so hot here I wouldn't mind a bit of snow and as for rain we need a lot of rain, the whole continent is extremely dry here in Australia.

Monika said...

Sometimes it's with projects we don't love, which give us the most trouble!

Diane said...

Boy have you been a busy knitter.

That sweater has bad karma so of course you ran out of yarn. When you knit with something you hate it always takes forever and gives you problems.

Your son's sweater is really nice. Great boy sweater. And the socks or beautiful.

Bonnie D. said...

We are getting the same weather. BRRRR! Freezing and lots of snow and ice.

Love the sweater for your son and those mittens are adorable, too. The style of your daughter's sweater is cute but homespun is just plain icky.

hakucho said...

I'don't like running out of yarn either. Your daughter's sweater looks great even if it is homespun...not my favorite yarn, but I really love your sons sweater. The black stripe really sets it off well. Mittens can be a pain, but if they fit they are wonderful. Love the striped pair. I have to learn the magic loop...someday. There is so much I want to do, but I'm always running out of time.
Happy knitting :)

Karen said...

We're snowed/iced in and Mandy has tomorrow off again (she is very happy). The sweaters look great and the mittens and sock too. Stay warm and safe!

Sheila said...

I haven't knit with Homespun but I have seen it at the LYS. It was on the wall by itself and for some reason did not look attractive to me. I heard that a storm was brewing in the midwest. We had a nursing seminar (Preemie for a day) today and the instructor was afraid she wasn't going to get out of Utah because of the storms. Stay warm, drink tea and knit.

Janice said...

Good for you for finishing the sweater in spite of the yarn! The mittens DEFINITELY count as a pair (and resemble the 'pair' of socks I've knit!!) The sock looks like it's finally found it's pattern! 5th times a charm I hear :-)

Jknits said...

Good for you for pushing ahead with the sweaters! There ought to be a special gold star for finishing something you started more than 12 months ago. Good luck finding the right yarn.

Alisha said...

All your knits are great. The sweaters are perfect.

Great sock and mitts.

I want to do some mitts...need too!!

Lone Knitter said...

We got ice and snow here in NYC, but I'm sure we didn't get anything like Indiana snow--I lived in Indiana for two years, and I know it can be brutal! Great job on the sweaters and sock and mittens. I don't know why some sock yarns pool and others don't. I just keep knitting if it pools because it seems like nothing will stop it! But your sock is cute.

sue said...

Wow you have been busy. You must have had a tendancy to buy teal yarn back then. Your son's hoodie looks great with the black too. I hope you get the snow your wishing for too, and the temps dont get too cold for you.

Angela said...

Some very nice knitting here, dearie:)