Monday, March 31, 2008

Wee Tiny Sock Swap

Yarn Miracle was hosting the Wee Tiny Sock Swap this weekend. It was uber simple, knit a wee tiny sock, write a note, and drop it in the mail to your wee tiny sock swap partner. These wee socks are addictive and distracting. I really should have been knitting to finish the 52 pair plunge, but have just seemed to lose the desire to finish. The larger sock of the two is knit in left over Yarn Love sock yarn and the smaller wee sock is knit in Tofutsies. I had forgotten how splitty that yarn is.

I did finish a few pair of bigger socks. The Koigu socks are finished. I love them. The second skein had a few blemishes in it, but was still wonderful to work with. I thinks it will be cool enough for a little longer so I can still wear them this spring.

And another pair, knit in Opal Rainforest Tiger. These were a pretty fast knit. I probably should have made the leg a little longer, but I was anxious to finish them.

And I thought I would make myself a pair of ankle socks in a cotton blend sock yarn. I am knitting these in Regia Cotton Surf. Unfortunately, there is a little more negative ease than I care for. The eldest daughter is very happy about that, since they fit her perfectly. My hope is to finish these tonight. This pair would be pair 51.

And for pair 52, I started a pair of socks for CIC. Nothing like a child's size , worsted wt sock when you need to knit something fast. This is about 25 minutes worth of knitting. I will finish this one and then knit up the other one and then spend the rest of my knitting time working on the second ankle sock. Hopefully the 52 pair will be finished by midnight.

K, the knitting daughter, the eldest of my babies, is now a licensed driver. She went Wednesday to take the written portion of the test and Thursday to take the driving part. She did "very well" says the driving test person. And now a new anxiety will begin every time she leaves the house. So far she has still had either her dad or me in the car with her, but that day will come very soon when she backs out of the drive, and takes off on her own. I hope I am ready.
Well, I am off to knit these socks. Wish me luck: )


Karen said...

The wee socks are so cute!!! And the big socks are wonderful too. Good luck finishing the last few pair! I love the tiger pair.

Beth N said...

I love all the new socks and think that you are amazing to be able to finish all those socks plus everything else that you knit. Congratulations to your daughter on her driving and I guess all I can say is try not to worry too much, although I think it is impossible not to worry too much.

Diane said...

Congrats at getting your 50 pair done! Excellent fast socks knitting.

You want to talk about anxiety? Just wait until your lovely daughter pulls out of the driveway with a sibling in the passenger seat.

hakucho said...

I am always so amazed at how fast you knit socks. It seems like forever for me to knit just one. You must be knitting in your sleep ;)

Those wee socks so soooo cute!!

Congrats to your, but happy driving :)
My middle son is old enough to get his learner's permit, but we're not letting him until he gets himself a job. What with the price of gas these days, besides I don't think I'm ready for him to be driving just yet ;)

Jknits said...

I'm wee tiny sock swapping too - yours came out great. I like the other socks too. We could have our first driver as soon as early next year. Good luck with yours. There was a good article in the Wall Street Journal last week about insurance companies working to help parents insure teens affordably. Not sure what day - maybe you could google it.

Janice said...

Congrats to your daughter!! It won't be long before the benefits of having another driver in the house outweighs the anxiety produced!! Love all of the sock.. especially the wee ones!! Congratulations on the 52 pair plunge. That just amazes me.....

Angela said...

I still worry about mine when they pull out of the driveway. Cell phones help, because when I call later to check that they arrived okay to their destination, everything is fine and I find out I worried and stressed for nothing. Doesn't stop me, though.


Kathy said...

OH I love your socks, teeny and not teeny!

Good for K. It is a leap of faith alright when we put them in that big machine and they pull away.

Good luck this week with that!

Donna B. said...

Monica, I can't stand the suspense any longer! My wee tiny sock is on its way to you as of yesterday. Wasn't this fun? Looking forward to hearing your reaction -- based on your beautiful work, I think the colors might be just your thing.

I'm Paksenarrion on Ravelry, by the way. So glad you're my wee tiny pal!

Holly said...

Letting your chicks drive is really scary.

I avoided that completely with the eldest(she got her license on her own at age 28) and thus far none of the three teens drive.

That means more money for yarn, right?

I had and knit up the old Opal Tiger. I really like the patterning on yours. How many stitches was that around?

gypsyknits said...

The socks are gorgeous, as always. I love them.

The driving 16 yr old is chomping at the bit for her license. She has her permit and will be taking drivers ed in the summer.
Take it from a mom who has had 3 drivers take off on their own, you never stop worrying:).
Congrats to the new driver on knitting, it's the only way you'll keep your sanity:)