Monday, June 09, 2008

Hey .....I screamed UNCLE

......But it fell on deaf ears I fear. What a weekend. I know I have been whining about the rain for quite awhile now, but really, enough is enough. We got flooded this weekend. Something like 10 inches of rain in 12 hours or some insane amount. This weekend was my nephew's wedding. It was about 200 miles south of here. Just the girls and I were going, the boy child and DH decided to stay home. I planned to leave about 1 1/2 hours earlier than needed as there are 2 yarn shops within 3 miles of where the wedding was..... I have my priorities straight here.... right?? So, as we are approaching the interstate there is a little news blurb stating several sections of 65 are closed due to flooding. I am heading south, and the closings are about 2 miles north so I continue on, but call my sister and let her know that if I hit high water, I am turning around. We got there without trouble, except for all the road construction which drastically ate into my yarn shopping time ( My 1 1/2 hour was shortened to about 20 minutes, who can yarn shop in 20 minutes??) I did however stop at KnitWitts Yarn Shoppe just long enough to get directions to where I needed to be. They were all very friendly and helpful and the shop is wonderful, what I got to see of it. I may just have to schedule a trip down there for a yarn crawl. I didn't get to make it to the second one The Village Knitter which was a little east of where we were heading. Anyway, back to the weather. As we are sitting in the reception hall, DH calls and says he and the boy child went to see Ironman (again) and found themselves stranded on that side of town. The flood waters rose so rapidly they could not get across town to return home. He said "don't even try to come home" the interstate is closed and there is no way into town. He and the boy child managed to get to a hotel for the night. I was feeling a little panicked, which is unusual for me. I am generally very laid back and don't worry about too much, but for some reason I had to at least head toward home. So we left after the dancing began. We drove for about an hour and was told by DH to stop driving and find a place to stay for the night. I am glad we stopped when we did, I didn't think about everyone else doing the same thing. We stopped at several hotels before we were able to find a room. After a sleepless night for me ( the girls slept like logs) I was ready to go. DH calls and says the roads are still closed but they should be opening soon, "just stay where you are until check out time". In the mean time the toilet in the room overflows ( I can't get away from high water it seems) They were nice about it and put us in a different room, but I really wanted to go, so we headed north. By the time we approached home the interstate was open and all was well we got home safely. But boy is there a lot of water everywhere. We will definitely be keeping all the displaced neighbors in our prayers. So many people we know have lost their homes or suffered severe water damage. We were very fortunate and suffered no damage. My brother's house had water right up to up to the house, but none came in. And my sister, (mother of the groom), was fortunate also. The Hospital suffered a lot of damage and evacuated all the patients. It is now closed for an indefinite amount of time. And the headlines today: Thunderstorms and flash floods are in the forecast.

How about some knitting. My youngest was so sweet, when we got to the hotel and settled in, she brought me my knitting and said, "here mom, you need to relax a bit" Oh, they know me well. I have finished a few socks, not pairs, but they will be soon. This one is knit in ShibuiKnits in the Marine color. I love this yarn. It is soft, it has a lot of "sproing" And is just really nice to work with.

The next one is knit in Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in yellow.
I am close to finishing the second one of this pair.
And I finished one in some Louet Gems in the Linen Grey color. This pair is for the driving daughter (who by the way would not help me drive this weekend). I have started a pair for myself in this design in the Pagewood Farms River Rock color. I will post a picture of it when I have more knit on it.

And in the mail from SSYC from the SALE section (there is a lot of nice yarn in the sale section, go check it out) I got some OnLine sock yarn. The wool/nylon blend feels like Opal and the cotton/wool blend feels like Regia Cotton Surf, both of which I like. I was hesitant to order more of the OnLine sock yarn since the only other one I had purchased was the Highland, and I really didn't like it. I didn't like knitting it and I don't like wearing them, but these are both to my liking : )
That is about it for today, I must go buy some water as we are on a boil water alert. I hope they are not sold out all over town. Have a wonderful week all!!!!!


hakucho said...

Oh, my goodness that's awful what you had to go through, but I am glad you made it home safely. I will certainly keep all the people displaced in my prayers. What a nightmare!!!

Good thing you brought your knitting with you. I know it calms me right down. All your socks sure look wonderful :)

happy knitting :)

Helen Knits said...

I am sorry to hear about the flood. We had a couple of bad storms here last summer too and the water came into our house and damaged some of our furniture but judging by your photo's nothing like what you're experiencing. It must have been horrible for you and the girls, I am so glad you all got home safely. I will include you all in my prayers.

It is just as well you took your knitting!! The socks as always look great!!

I only just started last knight for my 52Pair Plunge.

Alisha said...

Glad you got home safe. The rain can be awful. I know my parents have some flooding were they are.

That is sweet your daughter bringing you your knitting.

And as usual so many great socks. I love seeing your socks!

Brenda said...

Glad you got to and from the wedding OK. I hope the rain lets up for several days so your area can dry out a bit.

The socks look great! I just got some sale yarn from SSYC today in the mail. Some beautiful shaded grey merino from creatively dyed yarns. I've never knit with it, but it looks pretty.

Jane said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad you and your family are okay. That would unnerve me as well.

Your socks look marvelous, as always!

Take care, Monica and sending you warm thoughts.

Lynn said...

How scary!! I'm glad that you and your family are ok. and funny how your youngest brought you your knitting, mine do the same thing!

Karen said...

I was so glad to hear your voice the other day when you called. So happy you and the kids (and Harold and Yvonne) are not water logged. I will be needing that pattern for the anklet socks (it is so pretty). Take care and we love you!

gypsyknits said...

Oh my, all of you and your town are in our prayers. Thankfully you all are okay with everything intact.
I was reading and thinking,"I hope she took her knitting along." I should've known:)
Your kids know you well, don't they?
Socks: they are beautiful as always. I love the grey design. Gorgeous.

Allison said...

Oh wow that sounds awful. I'm so sorry to hear about all the flooding. I hope it ends soon and you have nothing but sunny skies for awhile. Maybe you should knit some waterproof socks!

Diane said...

This has been terrible to watch on the news. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.

Anita said...

So glad you are all okay! I can't believe this crazy weather. Swealtering hot in the east, flooding in the midwest and snow in Montana. Eegads!

Jknits said...

I'm glad you all are safe. I have been very appreciative in the midst of our unusual hot streak in Massachusetts that it's not rain. What great kids to know just what mom needs.

Angela said...

Wow, sorry to hear about all that flooding. Glad you and yours are all okay, though. Beautiful socks. The panda cuff socks are my fave!

Sheila said...

I was wondering if you were in the deep end of the water. I'm glad you are ok and still knitting. Your daughter knows you well. Knit through trouble and deep wet stuff!

Kathy said...

Im so sorry for all touched by this natural disaster. How wonderful that your 16 year old brought you some knitting. I love your anklet socks so very much!

Caroline said...

Yikes. All of that water is so frightening. We've been complaining that it's been so dry for the last few years when we've gone back to the Midwest during the summer. Something tells me that we won't have that complaint this summer.

It is good that you had your knitting along!

Dawn said...

What a scary ordeal! I hope things are better in your area now and people are safe.

I had the hardest time working with the Panda Cotton, I must get one of your patterns because the free ones on the net wouldn't work for me, the cast on was too big it seemed. All your socks are great as usual! :)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh my, my nerves would have been shot. Glad to hear you all made it home alright and Home is safe.

BTW, beautiful socks!

AfternoonMoon said...

Many prayers are coming your way to everyone who is experiencing loss. Water is such a destroyer of homes.

I LOVE your summer socks! That pattern is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you for posting it!

Sandytoo said...

I am glad you weathered the flood well! What a nightmare that must have been! Good thing you had your knitting :) I made a pair of socks that look a lot like your first photo.


Pat said...

while you are wet - we are DRY and on a water alert - can't even water my garden!!
The socks are beautiful - I love the pale yellow anklets - perfect for summer!