Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Has October Gone????

I cannot believe it is the end of Oct. already. This year has just flown by. It is finally starting to feel like Fall here. It was a brisk 30 degrees here this morning, and there are hints of snow flurries Friday morning.... I am so happy. I love this weather!!!! I don't think there is anything prettier than a clear blue October sky and the changing leaves. Soon this tree will be a beautiful yellow and orange, it is always one of the last to change colors. I wish the colors of Fall would last longer.

There seems to be something in the water again at work. Several of the gals I work with are pregnant. Here is the current baby blanket in progress. I am knitting this one in Bernat Baby Softee. One of the other girls is expecting twins in April and will find out the gender, (hopefully they will cooperate) in a couple weeks. I was commissioned to make a blanket for her first child and it was eaten by the puppies of the person I actually did the knitting for, so she never got it. So, I am thinking I will make some thing for the big brother too. I am hesitant to make anything with wool again though , since the puppy incident. And I will be bringing my own water to work :)

My sister, Y, has been taking care of her elderly mother in law. She is approaching the end of her time here on earth. Y asked me if I would make a pair of mitts for her since her hands are so cold all the time. She has lost so much weight and just seems to always be chilled. I had some left over Lorna's Laces in the Devon colorway, so I knit a pair. I ran out of yarn just before I finished the second one. Thankfully, Karen had some left over in the same color (thanks Karen) and she was able to drop it in the mail. I finished these yesterday. Y says her MIL likes them and they fit really well.

I started another pair of mitts. I need to finish typing up the pattern. I am knitting these in Louet Gems fingering wt. in the Aqua color. I have another design in mind and have the yarn wound, so I just need to finish this pattern and then I will start on the other one. These fingerless mitts are such quick knits. It is almost instant gratification.

I started another pair of socks too, but they are going to the frog pond to be tweaked. There is just way too much bias in these. They will be similar, but different enough to eliminate the excessive twist.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I was awarded the "I Love Your Blog Award" by both Jennifer and Missy
I love their blogs also, go on and check them out, I will wait for you.
Here are the instructions: 1. Post the award on your blog 2. Post a link to the person who awarded it to you. 3. Nominate four other bloggers 4. Add links to the bloggers 5. Notify the recipients

OK, well I already told you I like Jennifer's and Missy's so here are the other 4, I know that is cheating, I should do 8 but this post has been way too long already.

Well of course Karen, it is a great way to see all the stuff she is making, we talk all the time on the phone or online, but without her blog, I wouldn't get to see pictures of all the stuff.

Deb of Wound too Tight, I love that name for a blog. Anyway, she just cracks me up. I love to read her blog, and see what she is knitting, and now spinning. And her blog always makes me smile and laugh.

Beth I met Beth online about a year or two ago and we have become friends. We live in the same state, but at opposite ends of the state. She makes beautiful knitted and crochet items. Go and look at the lovely afghan she just finished. I never would have had the stick-to- it-iveness to finish that.

Helen is another fellow knitter/blogger I have met online and consider a friend. She knits beautiful lace, and socks and sweaters.

I really could go on and on, there are so many blogs I love to read, but I will stop with these 4.
I hope you all have a fantastic week and get to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, and wear all your hand knit goodies. Until next time.


Missy said...

You know I was just thinking I could use some fingerless mitts to type with. It's freezing cold up here today. Been snowing off and on too. I love your fingerless mitts and the blanket is too cute. Love the socks too. I like all the twistiness! Thanks!!! Have a great week!

Deb said...

Love the mitss!! It's already cold here so they would come in very "handy"! And shucks - thanks for the award!!!

Beth N said...

I love the baby blanket and the mitts look great. I am having the worse luck today--I have accidently erased almost everything I have typed today-- The sock looks good to me. Thanks for the award--I had written a long post about it and nominating others and that was another post I managed to delete. I know that you love the snow but I must confess I am not looking forward to it yet--It was in the 30's here too.

Diane said...

I love the fall too. Don't even mind that it's colder because it's so pretty to watch the leaves change.

Your mitts look great. I love the blue ones for your sister's mil. That chill is always awful as their time gets close that it's nice to be able to wrap them in hand made love.

Daniele said...

The blanket is so cute! It must be a lot of fun to knit too. Definitely bring your own water!!!

Also, the fingerless mitts are gorgeous with the lace pattern. You are so good at designing, but I'm sure you already know that! You need to do a book!!! I would buy it for sure.

I'm liking Fall as well and am always looking for the deep reds in foilage. :)

Pat said...

I love the fingerless mitts with the pretty lace pattern on the back of the hand - beautiful design!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the vote Sis! I'm afraid anyone who visits my blog will be bored to tears right now (just haven't been in the mood to post anything). Love the Lacey mitts (gorgeous daling). I'm so glad I had the yarn to share with you, I'm sure Y and Betty appreciate them very much. See ya soon (Thanksgiving will be here before we know it).

Brenda said...

I can't believe it's the end of October either! Time flies.

Wonderful mitts both for Y's MIL--they look cozy, and the new pattern which is pretty.

Have a great weekend!

Jknits said...

Those half mits are great - you should get lots of compliments on them. Thanks for the props. Its fun visiting the sites you love!

hakucho said...

Everything looks great...even the socks which are going to the frog pond :)

Sheila said...

The blue mitts are beautiful. And a great gesture of friendship. Please, take your own water to work! You have enough kiddos who need knit socks. :)

gypsyknits said...

I have no idea why October flew by so fast, but it did.
Nice knitting you have there. I love the mitts:)

Alisha said...

You got another award from me!!!

As always great knits!

I love the mitts for your sister's mil. How sweet.