Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break and...

...unfortunately, we didn't go anywhere. Unless you count a short trip to Bloomington. The kids are beginning to get on each others' nerves, which in turn drives me a bit crazy. When we went to Bloomington the other day, I was really wishing I had taken along some knitting, but since I was driving, ( I can't convince the driving daughter to drive the van) I didn't think I would need any.... and then we sat at a stand still for nearly 45 minutes for a traffic accident. I need to remember to put the van knitting back in the van, where it belongs. We did visit a new to me yarn shop while we were there, In A Yarn Basket. It is a small shop, with mostly Cascade, Brown Sheep and Plymouth. But they also carried Tilli Tomas (I think you can go broke just looking at that yarn) and Blue Sky Alpacas. The sock yarn selection was limited, but I did see the Cascade Heritage Handpaints I have been looking at online and decided there were a few colors I am going to buy next time. I wanted to feel it first. The weather has been beautiful this week, except last night when we had some pretty nasty thunderstorms, but it is nice again today, a bit cooler than it has been at the beginning of the week, but still, very nice for this time of the year.

I have done a little more knitting on the Zoe sock. I have been busy on another project so this one has been a bit neglected. It will see more knitting time soon. As I said before, I really like this yarn.

Also on the needles is a sock I am knitting in CTH Sockittome in I think the Indian Summer colorway. I hope to finish these both soon, and maybe have a chance to wear them before it gets to warm.
Well the girls have a doctors appointment this afternoon, so I must scoot. It is just a check up. They are not happy about it, but I need to get a medical release form signed for the youngest for her school trip, so they are both going. The boy child went last week. Their regular doctor is on vacation, so they are seeing his partner, which neither of them are thrilled about. I am sure they will survive.
Oh, does anyone have any hints for deterring chipmunks or moles or what ever critter ate all my bulbs. I have a few lonely tulips poking through, and that is it. No crocus, no daffodils, just holes where they used to be. I am so disappointed. Any tips on this would be appreciated.
Have a great weekend!!!!


Karen said...

a gun comes to mind for the bulb eating varmints. just kidding. i had the same thing happen...all my tulips mysteriously disappeared the year following their planting.
your socks are beautiful. aren't kids supposed to drive you crazy...but it's back to school on Monday; you'll make it.

Helen Knits said...

Love the look of the Zoe socks. We don't get get moles of chipmunks here in Oz so can't help you there sorry.

Funny isn't it how much harm they can cause yet they look so cute in children's books so we don't think of them as pests. We have the same problems here with possums that cause a lot of damage but we can't do anything about them because they are a protected species here.

Lorna said...

I have just found your Malu socks on Ravelry and they are so beautiful! Then I look on your blog and find more lovely socks. I have knitted socks for about fifty years and am amazed that new designs keep popping up that rival the best.
I am in UK, and we have just had the first rain for about three weeks. That's a long time for us!
I shall be coming back to your site soon.