Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!....

....And many thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and prayers the last few weeks. They are all greatly appreciated. My Father in law will be missed deeply by all who knew him.

While sitting in the hospital room I managed to do some mindless knitting. I knit a pair of socks for my sister in law. My brother said that she really liked the pair I made for him and hinted that she would love a pair too. He knew her shoe size, but when I asked if she had skinny ankles, wide or narrow feet etc. he was no help ... "you know... they are normal". Here is the obligatory picture of them on her feet, they fit perfect ... H, your wife has skinny ankles. She says she will wear them a lot more often than my brother to which he replied , "he is afraid he will wear them out, and who knows when he will get another pair" I guess five years in between pairs is a bit long to wait.

I also started a pair of plain socks for the driving daughter. She picked this Cascade Sassy Stripes out 4 years ago and I think it is done marinating. Not one of my favorite yarns to knit with, but she likes it. I have knit 2 other pair of socks for her with this yarn and they have worn well, so I can't complain too much, esp since the yarn is inexpensive.The second sock is started and half the leg if finished.

I finished the first sock in the Shalimar Zoe Sock yarn. There is an error in my knitting, I was silly enough to think I could stay focused enough to knit on this after days of no sleep and sitting at my FIL's bedside. I noticed it several pattern repeats later and will leave it there.

Also on the needles, some Sheepaints yarn from The Loopy Ewe (I have start"itis" really bad right now). The colorway is Magic Potion. Lots of lovely shades of purple, and I am lacking in purple in the sock collection, so I needed it.... right!. I think I may need the Lederhosen colorway too, even though it is not purple.

We also had a little Christmas in April here, (well in Ohio). Yesterday was my niece's 19th birthday. We had not had the opportunity to have Christmas with them yet, so we celebrated a late Christmas along with her birthday. I love this T shirt Karen got me. I was actually tempted to buy it for myself when I was in the yarn shop getting things for her... So glad I didn't. She also gave me a skein of Araucania in color 107. Lovely shades of gray and blues. Hmmm ...what to make with this...I did buy another size 1 circular needle while I was there, so I have empty needles. I got a Ped Egg too, I have really been wanting one of those. Thanks Karen for all the goodies!!!
More Prayers Please:
A wonderful online friend of mine, Helen is in need of prayers. Her husband has been fighting cancer and lost the battle. Please keep her and her family (esp their son) in your prayers as they mourn his passing. And thank you again for keeping my family in your prayers.


hakucho said...

I love the socks you made for your sister-in-law! They go perfectly with jeans...thumbs up for me :)

Your T-shirt is awesome. You have such a thoughtful sister :)

Carol said...

I love your t-shirt....socks look great...

Karen said...

It was so good to see you and you are quite welcome for all your goodies...I need to post a picture of the beautiful yarns you gave me!
V's socks look great! As well as the other three - you didn't show me the purple on Saturday (were you afraid Mandy would grab them?).

Brenda said...

Love the T-shirt. Great socks for your SIL--one can never have too many socks in the blue family as far as I'm concerned.

Helen and her family will be in my prayers.

Daniele said...

Love that T-shirt! I received one for Christmas from my friend Becky (who is going through chemo right now) and I love wearing it.

As for the socks - oh - I think the purples are calling me too!!

As for the startitis, it's unbelieveable how fast it sets in. You don't even realize it until you've cast on 20 projects! ;)

JoAnn said...

That t-shirt is thee best! I'll have to keep on the look out for one of those.

All your socks are gorgeous. There's nothing wrong with start-itist - as long as you finish them all. And I'm sure you do :)

Tia said...

I have that same tee shirt. What store did she get it from?