Friday, April 21, 2006

Baby Socks

I have been knitting baby socks for the Longest Line of Baby Socks. Not too much other knitting has been going on. I need to knit 4 more pair today, and I have to say... as cute as they are, I am really tired of these baby socks! But they will keep a lot of baby feet warm, so I will knit on. I have to mail them tomorrow so they can get to where they need to be by the 29th.

I have a little progress to show on 2 other socks, but they have been sadly neglected this week. One is a 4 stitch reticulated pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. This sock is a lot of fun to knit and I can't wait to be able to get back to it. I am knitting it in Trekking XXL 135 and black Fortissima.

The other sock is the Feather and Fan sock I am knitting for the Sockamaniac KAL. I am knitting it in Patons Kroy. I don't know how well I like this yarn. This sock and I may visit the frog pond here shortly. I am still giving it some thought..

That is about all for today. I have 4 pair of baby socks to make before tomorrow afternoon, so.... I better get knitting


Karen said...

Baby socks: too cute
Reticulated: gorgeous
Feather and Fan: loverly what don't you like about it?
And just to tease you, I got part of your birthday present lastnight. HE HE HE HE

Stash Monkey said...

OMG I love the four-stitch socks! I have that book too - I guess I'll have to give that one a try! They are really beautiful!

Ragan said...

Those baby socks are the cutest things!! Ohhhh!!