Sunday, April 16, 2006

Where I Knit

Kat is having a contest. List 5 places you knit other than at home. I knit everywhere. The most recent places other than home are:
1. During a six hour staff meeting at work the other night I knit through almost the entire meeting. I made 2 pair of baby socks and had several requests for knitting lessons.

2. I knit at my daughter's band concerts, if it is a simple pattern I can knit even after they dim the lights.

3. I knit in line at the bank, I did that yesterday during a 20 minute wait. I keep knitting in the car for just such emergency situations.

4. I knit in the doctors office. All three of my children get weekly allergy shots, and we have to wait in the office to make sure they have no adverse reaction, so we are usually there for an hour for the 3 of them. I get a lot of knitting done there.

5. I knit at church ... not during the service, but before and after sometimes. Esp. the last couple weeks, my kids had to be there early for several services during Lent to rehearse music.

I knit everywhere. But, those are the 5 most recent places other than home and of course my LYS.

I am working on several pair of socks. And have baby socks finished, but I am without a camera right now, so I cannot post any pictures. Hopefully, and soon, I will be able to get a new camera.

Happy Easter!!!!!

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cathi said...

The baby socks are even more impressive in person! Good job, monica! Lucky little babies in Germany!