Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Making a little Progress

I have knit another cable rib hat, I wrote
down what I did as I went this time , so I will share that in the next day or two. Same yarn, Diakeito Rococo, different color. This one is very bright, I thought the daughter would maybe like this one better and perhaps let her brother have the first one, but I don't know if she will be agreeable. I couldn't get the true colors, the blue in the picture is actually more purple in real life. And a picture of the crown. Seems like the first one was a bit smoother looking so I may have to do a little frogging and see if I can improve the look of this one.

And all that Opal sock yarn I bought the other day, here it is . I started a sock for Benjamin in the Black. I believe it is a Crocodile, but I am not positive. He likes it and the first one is finished. Darn, if his feet aren't growing, and it takes longer to make a pair of socks for him. I hope he inherits his shoe size from his dad's side of the family and not mine. When I make socks for my brother it takes forever to knit that size 13 sock.

And I have been working on the entrelac scarf, I need to pick up another ball of the Rococo tonight while I am there for a mitten class. I think one more ball ought to finish it. I really love this yarn. Well blogger wants to load that one sideways too. I had a better picture of the hat but it kept loading upside down so I gave up on it. This is the only one I took of this scarf, so it will just have to be sideways.

Well, I should go finish something ... a pair of mittens or socks or a baby blanket... something. Hopefully I will have finished projects to show next time.


Kathy said...

Oo's and ahh's for the entrelac scarf. And the cable hat! Bravo bravo!

Karen said...

Great looking hat and scarf and socks too. I see why you chose the red/white/blue yarn (I like that too).

Diane said...

Wow have you been busy!

Deborah said...

I like that hat, the colors too.

zoe said...

love that scarf--is the pattern available on the internet? I want to knit an entrelac scark meself!


monica said...

Thanks Zoe, the pattern is my own, but it is a simple entrelac with 24 st cast on, 6 st/ square.

Knitcrazy said...

Love the Hat
Love the Scarf
Love the Bag
Love the socks!!!!
Did I miss anything??

Great work !!!

Jane said...

I am new to your blog and you knit beautifully.
Can I ask where you got the pattern for the cable hat?