Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Warning... Picture Heavy Post

I have some knitting to show. I have been knitting like crazy. I have been having some serious computer issues, and have not had much access to a computer lately. That just means more knitting time… I spend a lot of time on the computer, surfing and IM’ing, but not in the last week or so. I think I am almost over the withdrawals. Hopefully, everything will be back in working order soon.

The LYS got the Diakeito yarns in. I love this yarn. I made a cabled hat for the eldest. My own pattern. The new Rococo yarn is self striping with no color repeats in the ball and is unbelievably soft. So with what I had left over, which was only about a third of the ball, I started a scarf. Of course, I needed to visit the LYS for more I can’t just have a 6” scarf. Simple entrelac, no pattern.

I am doing a cabled scarf class at the LYS, so I designed this scarf pattern for the class. I knit it in Lorna’s Worsted in the Sage color. There sure was a huge difference between the color of the two balls, I wish I had knit from both balls at the same time, but I am not frogging it. I do love this yarn. I need to get the pattern typed up..

And I am working on some mittens. This first pair is from the Knit Mittens book. I am knitting these in Diakeito Diaepoca. Have I mentioned I love the Diakeito yarns. size 5 dpn’s in yellow and sage…because that is what I had in my stash. I love color work, and this is a fun pattern.

The other pair is also knit in Diaepoca, in a purple / pink color. This my own design. I will have warm hands this winter.

And I have been working on some sweaters for CIC. I am using left over wool, so some of them may not end up being the most beautiful colors, but they will be warm. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple. The brown sweater is knit in Cascade 220 and Paintbox and the other in Araucania Nature Wool. Hopefully I will get a few more of these knit in the next week or two. I didn’t knit many socks for them this summer so I need to get busy with the sweaters. I feel so sorry for those poor little children in those cold orphanages.

Well, I am exhausted after this. It takes forever to load pictures with dial up, but, it is better than nothing at all. I think I will go relax and knit for a bit.


Rebecca said...

I love your Norwegian mittens! Are you knitting two handed? Or do you hold both threads in the same hand. I'm learning this myself and haven't settled into what works best for me yet.

Karen said...

Everything is beautiful as usual. Ummm, I'd like to have your patterns, PLLEEAASSEE!! If I'm not on IM tomorrow you'll know we still don't have computer function at work (if you have your computer up and running that is).

monica said...

Thank you Rebecca. I am a 2 handed color knitter. I find that is the easiest. Fewer or no tangles and a lot quicker for me.

Kathy said...

Just lovely photos. Try karen G for computer help she is great. She comments on my blog, She is great, I just cannot get my finger on her email right now. She used to be

Diane said...

Wow have you been busy!

Rose said...

Hi! What yarn and pattern did you use for the hat in the first photo of your post....I like both!

Rose said...

Please share the pattern and yarn you used for that fabulous hat.