Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Remember to keep a careful eye out for those little people tonight. I hate to even think about backing the car out of the garage, they are so excited and seldom look where they are going.

I got a surprise in the mail today. A cyber friend (thanks Beth) of mine sent me a little gift. Some of the new Harmony dpn's in size 0. I needed more needles. And a pencil case to hold my needles. Great minds think alike, that is what I store my needles in. Karen started that for me. I met Beth online, she lives about 2 and a half hours north of me and we are both nurses. How wonderful is the Internet. I hope to meet her in person some day. The needles are so pretty and smooth. I will have to cast on with them today. I am on a mission this week to make pairs of some of the singletons. I have a pair that requires size 0's so they will be used for that : ) Thanks again Beth!!!

I told Karen about my goal for this week (knitting goal that is) I hope to finish 3 pair of socks. I am well on my way. The Trekking socks are finished and so near to matching it makes me smile. I love the colors. I love that there is not a single matching repeat on the entire sock. And I love that they match each other without any effort on my part.

And, I finished the Cables Galore pair. I only need one sock for the pattern, so I have many singletons. Esp since I am getting smarter and taking better notes. Before, I would knit the first sock, and if I really liked it, then I would knit the second sock to figure out what I did the first time ... and then write the pattern. With the excellent note taking skills comes a lot of single socks. Maybe not taking notes wasn't such a bad habit after all? Karen wanted me to tell her which 3 pair I plan to finish. I won't commit to that, I like a variety. I feel pretty confident that I will meet my goal.
I was late in getting on the Ravelry bus. But I am so close to getting my invite.
You signed up on October 1, 2007
You are #38452 on the list.
383 people are ahead of you in line.
12585 people are behind you in line.
68% of the list has been invited so far
I think I will get it tomorrow. I have probably worn the check your status button out this month. It has gone surprisingly fast though. Great job!! to who ever has that job.
Thanks to all of you who have been so wonderful in supporting my pattern writing venture. I really appreciate that you are buying my patterns and also mentioning them on you blogs. It means so much to me.


Karen said...

How sweet of Beth to do that for you. They are pretty needles. And the socks look great! Good luck on finishing your socks (I know you can do it).

Helen said...

Ravelry is great fun, I got my membership a little while ago but still have lots of work to do on it as well as tons of exploring.

Good luck with reaching your mission and I love those cable socks!

Brenda said...

How nice of Beth! I look forward to hearing how you like the Harmony needles.

Love the Cables Galore socks! Good luck on your sock finishing mission!

Hattie said...

Woooh you're gonna love Ravelry. They were doing about a 100 a day but stepped it up a few weeks ago, and I think they've been aiming for more like 1000 a day or something. Crazy huh?

Love the cable socks, they are cute.

Fancy Pants said...

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog! I'll be sure to let you know if you are the winner. Until then, plan on me regularly reading your blog. You are quite a prolific sock knitter and you live in Indiana, both major pluses in my book!

~Tonia~ said...

What a wonderful surprise. That was very sweet of Beth.

I know that you can meet your goal. You can knit a sock in no time.

Rob said...

All Saints is the day, but thanks for the early well wishes!!

Anonymous said...

That would explain why your not over at Ravelry when I tried looking for you. I hope to see you there soon. I am ChristyH there.

hakucho said...

You will love's worth the wait. The invites are coming so much faster now. It is a bit overwhelming at first...there is so much to see. Once you realize everything will still be there.... then you relax a bit about it...otherwise you'd spend your life away and never get any knitting done ;)

happy usual your socks are wonderful!!

Bea said...

What a great friend! I'm really curious about those needles but everything seems to be backordered. Love the socks too!

I stopped by to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love meeting new people!

Cheers and happy knitting!

Shelley said...

Your socks are looking great! I finally got on the bandwagon and signed up for Ravelry today so I would imagine it will be a long while before I get my invite, lol.

I ordered another one of your patterns yesterday from the Loopy Ewe (and yarn as well)...this one is the Victorian Swag pattern. Can't wait to get it!