Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yarn Heaven

I brought home a lot of yarn today... I am in yarn heaven!! Some more sock yarn of course, I am addicted to the stuff. My sister asked me if I needed an intervention, but I don't want to be cured of this affliction.
Some more Opal in the Tiger colorway and Trekking in 133. I really need to buy some more size 1 needles.

This is the Trekking I brought home last week. I am knitting Peaks and Valleys from the Knit Socks book. This yarn reminds me of Easter eggs, nice spring colors

This found its way into my bag today also. It is going to be a toddler sized jumper from the Knitting in the Round book. It is called Summer Treats and has lollipops and cupcakes and ice creams on it. I am glad I am knitting it in a small size because that is a LOT of stockinette stitch..

This yarn is probably going to turn into something felted. I haven 't decided just what yet, I will just have to see what comes off the needles after I cast on. The colors are much nicer in person. Maybe I will have something made out of it to post soon.

And this a shawl I made for my niece for her birthday. It is knit in Dive Teseo. She likes hot pink, but this will have to do. It is a mixture of pinks and reds. . I made a shawl for her mom (hi Karen) for Christmas and she put in a request for one for her birthday. This one is not as complicated as her mom's but I am sure she will still love it. And I finished it way before her birthday.... so unusual for me.

Well that is about it for tonight. Maybe I will have something finished to post tomorrow of the next day. I have several things in the works.


Karen said...

Mandy is going to love that shawl!! It's beautiful. And you know a girl can never have too many size 1 needles. oops, there I am enabling you when yesterday I was suggesting intervention. Shame on me. I hope some Trekking finds it's way in your bag for me sometime, you know how I love Trekking. Can't wait to see you and my new yarn, he he he.

Rebecca said...

Anxious to see your Opal Tiger knit up. The college my daughter's go to have a tiger for the mascot and I've been toying about buying this yarn...