Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That's Right.... More Bags!

I just finished 2 more felted bags. They are just so fast to knit, making them great when you need to have a sense of accomplishment. This first one was knit in Cascade 220 and Knit One Crochet Too Paint Box. And is yet another Bowling Bag Purse. This is such a fast knit and I kinda like the shape of it. I was going to knit a long strap on this one instead of the little short handles, but I ran out of purple yarn. Maybe the next one. This is the bag pre felted and without handles.

The other bag is another Madeline Bag from Black Sheep Bags. I knit this one in Cascade Bollicini Colibri. I was just curious to see how this would felt, it has 27% nylon content, the rest being Lana Wool and Kid Mohair. I really like knitting with this yarn and included it in a couple scarves last year. It is soooo soft and light weight but generates a lot of heat without heaviness. I should have taken a before and after shaving picture of this bag. It was so soft and fuzzy from the mohair after I felted it, but you couldn't see any of the other colors, so it was sheared. I was really surprised what a dense felted fabric I got

Well I am off. I need to fill up the van before the gas goes back up tp $3/ gal, if it hasn't already. It is a beautiful sunny day here in south central Indiana, I hope it is where you are too.


Rebecca said...

You turn out an amazing bunch of bags! Will you be knitting any Nancy Bush Socks, soon? LOL

Karen said...

Hey Bag Lady!!!! Nice bags!! I've started the 3rd repeat on the leg with your yarn, you will be surprised when you see it. The pattern gives it the "jaywalker" effect, it's really cool. Check later.

Goldendomer said...

I absolutely love your work! I especially like the purple bowling bag. The colors are amazing.