Wednesday, June 21, 2006

OK ... so just because

....I have several things on the needles already, I won't let that keep me from starting yet another project. I bought a Sassy Skeins sweater kit for the youngest at the LYS the other day. And of course, I had to start it right away, even though I have few, (more like 30 or so) UFO's. I probably should have left it at the LYS until some of this other stuff is finished, but I had to have it and start it right away. I was really impressed with the product when we were at TNNA, I like the packaging and the finished product. It is a bit pricey, but each kit comes with absolutely everything you need for the project you are making. It comes in a nice little project bag with another little bag for all the notions needed. I should have taken a picture of it before I started, while it was still packaged nice and neatly.... but I didn't.

And under the little sweater is the throw I am making for my nephew for his B-day. I really should be focusing all my attention on that since the party is in a mere 11 days. I get so tired of knitting the same thing though for any length of time. That adult ADD is to blame for that. I can post a picture of it here and not worry that he will see it. I doubt he would ever even of think of reading my blog. The pattern is from the Little Box of Throws. I am about 1/3 of the way done. I think I can finish it in time.... as long as I can keep from starting more things.

.... like this little rolled neck sweater. I do need to knit this though. It is for a shop model and an upcoming class. It is the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern. It will eventually be for the youngest so it is being knit in colors she picked out. I like the colors too, but I really wanted to knit it in Lorna's instead of Cascade Superwash. This is a really quick knit, so I am sure I can get it finished in time. I did this in one evening, and am close to being done with the body.

Well I need to start dinner, so my family can eat tonight. Happy knitting all!


Karen said...

C.J. is going to love his afghan. And the sweaters are so pretty. You always do such good knitting

Angela said...

Beautiful knitting, missy. I'm guessing you have been doing this a while!