Monday, October 30, 2006

I finished another hat. The girls are fighting over this one too. They are too funny. And of course, once Kaitlin gets it on her head there is no way Lauren can get it, Kaitlin is about a foot taller than her. It is my own pattern. Knit in Cascade 220 Superwash. Since I didn't have a head to model it on, it is on two bowls. I could wait until the girls are home from school, but that would just start the arguing all over again. And I have a headache, so bowls it is.

The yarn shop got a little sampling of Colinette's new yarn "JitterBug" They just send a little tiny ball of the new items and let you knit a swatch. Cathi let me have it. There was just enough to make one little baby sock. I love this yarn. I love the feel , I love the colors, it was wonderful to work with. It gets my thumbs up. I hope she orders it. And of course, Kailtin says this is hers. She wants me to make it into a keychain for her. She is such a possessive one, that eldest child of mine.

And when we were at the trade show in the summer, I got a sample of Classic Elites "Princess" This is some nice yarn. It has beautiful stitch definition, it has a nice feel, and is an joy to work with. I sound like an advertisement for the yarn companies, but I have no affiliation. I just really love these two yarns. I am turning this ball into a pair of mittens. My own pattern. Unfortunately, when I was at the yarn shop on Saturday, I left my empty needle there, so I couldn't finish these this weekend. And as I am sitting here looking at the picture, I see a mistake, so I will be doing a little frogging.

Well, I hope blogger will cooperate and let me post this. It has been a battle with them this weekend. Happy knitting all. I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is here in South Central Indiana today. It is gorgeous.

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Karen said...

WOW!! It all looks great (as usual). That jitterbug is pretty. Will she have some by my birthday (only 16 more days, hint hint)?