Monday, October 23, 2006

What happened to Fall?

The high today so far is 36 degrees, I think we skipped Fall and went straight into Winter. A big change from yesterday. I need to get busy and finish some sweaters for the little people, and the not so little people, in the house. Those sweaters sure were a lot quicker to knit 5 years ago. I am making pretty good progress on Ben's sweater. I have moved onto the sleeves, he is happy. I have one just like this started for little sister Lauren too. Hers is pink Lorna's Laces. I will take a picture of that later. He is anxiously waiting for me to finish this. I am getting close. The pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple and the yarn is Encore worsted. That is what I had in the stash in boy colors and he is happy with it. It is not Lorna's but it will work.

And I made a little felted bag for one of my secret pals. Her favorite colors are pink, burgundy and emerald green. Of course the eldest thinks it is hideous, but I am happy with it. I just did random stripes. It needs a shave, I was going to line it but I am still deciding on that.

And the ever dreaded stocking, I have not touched in weeks, but need to finish it. I am working on nothing but that today. DH is even asking me when I plan on finishing it. I didn't think he paid any attention to what I am knitting, but he knows it is no stocking in my hands. She, ( the angel) is much bigger than I thought. I hope to have the leg finished tonight, then it will go much faster. I just want it finished. I will stick to fair isle, someone else can do the intarsia from now on.
Happy knitting all, and stay warm


Karen said...

Love the bag!! And Ben's sweater is looking great. And even though you hate knitting the stocking, it's looking fabulous.

chappy said...

your secret pal will love that bag! it is beautiful!

Rebecca said...

And, I have 8" of snow on my deck with more on the way!

Lucky, lucky secret pal!