Monday, January 15, 2007

First UFO Finished

I finished the sweater for the youngest last night. I should have went ahead and blocked it last night when I finished instead of waiting for her to try it on. Who knows when I will get it back to do that and sew on a button on the top. She is NOT taking it off anytime soon. It is knit in the lovely Lorna's Laces Shepherd worsted in the Sherbet color. The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple.

We were not able to spend the Holidays with my sister and her family as we usually do, so today the kids and I are traveling over to Cinci. for a visit. They have the day off today from school. I am taking Christmas gifts along. You would think with all this extra time I have had I would have gotten my knitting done, but I still have a bag to make for my niece, I will show her the yarn it is going to be knit in. I do have her fingerless mitts for her though.

I had several singleton and partial balls of Koigu, so for my sister, I made a pair of Monstersocken. All Koigu, I used the International Sock of Doom pattern for the leg, the foot is plain, US size 1 needles. I would kind of like to keep them for myself, but I will let her have them. That makes for a lot of ends to weave in. There are 6 different colors of Koigu in these socks. I have no idea what the color numbers are. They look better in person than in the picture, it is rainy and gloomy out and I can't capture the true colors.

Also for Karen is a pair of felted clogs. I hope she will like these and not find them too scratchy as they are made in Lopi. They do soften up quite a bit in the felting process. Purple and yellow are one of her favorite color combinations, these are bright and cheerful. I like them, it is a Fiber Trends pattern. It is really a super quick knit. I am going to have to make a few more pair. I want a pair and so do my girls. I also am taking her a ball of Louet Gems Opal in sage green and a book, she picked out Scarf Style while we were at her LYS.

And for my nephew, I made a pair of ankle socks. He has hairy legs and likes his socks short for that reason. He wanted a pair that were thicker than the regular sock yarn so I knit him these in some sport wt merino. I also knit him a pair of fingerless gloves.
Well Blogger is not loading any pictures and I must be off to Ohio, I will finish this when I get back.
Added after day trip to Ohio: I came home to a screen full if pictures. They finally loaded after we left. We had a good time I bought some yarn for myself. Karen made some lovely socks for me and gave me other goodies. I will post pics tomorrow when I can take a good pictures of them. Everyone loved their stuff and my niece was even happy just to see the yarn her bag is to be knit in. I need to work on that, I am such a slacker Auntie. Off to knit.


Karen said...

We love, love, love everything. I'm so glad you decided to give me the socks and not keep them. Thank you! Wish you could have stayed longer. Love you!!

Monika said...

So many finished projects, I'm quite envious here. I LOVE your sister's Monster Socken! Great colors!

Diane said...

She'll have to take it off sooner or later. It's nice to see she loved it that much!

The Koigu socks are beautiful. The colors really work well together. You are much nicer than I am .... I would have kept them for sure.

My felted slippers are a little scratchy so I just wear them with socks and no more problems.

Bonnie D. said...

Great FOs!! Did you end up at the Great Wolf place?

hakucho said...

Everything turned out sure have been busy! I have the fiber trend clog pattern, too and I'm dying to try making them! I was going to use my bargain yarn, but changed my mind. I'm always changing my mind ;)

happy knitting :)

Angela said... are a knitting fiend!


Shelley said...

Karen's socks are gorgeous! I love your daughter's sweater - such pretty colours, and looks comfy and warm. Love the colours in the clogs! Great job on everything!

Mary Lynn said...

Love your stuff. I'll have to get the clog pattern. Friends of ours have an old house and they have a "slipper basket." It would be fun to make some contributions to the basket.

Janice said...

I love the purple/yellow clogs! I'm going to have to try that combo. I love making that pattern. Lots of other great FO's... you've had some very productive knitting time :-)