Thursday, January 04, 2007

UFO Spotting

No, not the ones in the sky ... the knitterly kind. You know, the ones hiding out in baskets and bins in every nook and cranny of my house. I joined the UFO resurrection 2007 Well, I am waaaaaay to embarrassed to show them all, so I am just going to post the few I am going to be working on in earnest for right now. When I get these done I will bring a few more out. Actually, I usually give up starting new projects for Lent, so this will give me a head start on that.

First, a sweater for my son. This is based on the knitting pure and simple pattern, I didn't have the yarn to get the gauge they recommended, so I changed things a bit and am doing my own thing to make it work. It fits him and he loves it, and that is all that matters. The yarn is Plymouth Encore.

And for the youngest daughter, another of the same sweater as for the son. This one is knit in Lorna's Shepherd Worsted, ( lovely, lovely to work with I might add) I don't have much left to do on these, so hopefully it won't take to long to finish them. It is just that boring stockinette st that drives me crazy. But I will finish them.

And for the eldest daughter, who had to have the yarn from H@##. There is really more done of this than the picture reveals. I knit it in the round to the armholes. It is the Lion Brand hooded sweater pattern and it is knit in their Homespun yarn. This yarn is heavy and unpleasant to work with in my opinion. I tried to talk her into something else, but she insisted she had to have it made in this. I promised to have this finished before they go back to school, so I really ought to work on it first, but the other two are so much nicer to work on. OK, well blogger won't let me load that one so I will try to add it in later. Anyway, these are the UFO's I plan to work on each day until they are done. Then new ones will be put into the rotation and I will share those later.


hakucho said...

Your UFO's look very nice to me. Can't wait to see them finished! Right now I have only 2 UFO's. I am so tempted to start something else, but I ~ must ~ have ~ will ~ power :)
happy knitting in 2007 :)

Karen said...

Just keep plugging away... that's what I'm going to do. They look great. I didn't see C.J.'s there. Is it done?

Shelley said...

I've used the homespun to crochet some prayer shawls. It was fine for those, but I've not knitted with it.

Diane said...

I hate homespun too. Used it once to make a scarf for my youngest daughter and decided upon completion that I didn't ever want to use it again.

Good luck on your FO quest.

Becca said...

I feel your Homespun pain. That's deceptive yarn. It looks so nice on the skein yet it will make you lose your religion to knit with it. I love the split neck on the pink sweater.

Becca at Forward Motion

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the Homespun...I had to go up a needle size or two just to tolerate it. The sweaters are lovely! The like the patterns and that Sherpherd's Worsted is beautiful. Must get some of that.


Anonymous said...

Your UFO's look great I love the Lorna's one. I must try and finish some of mine this year. I've almost bought some Homespun but after reading all the comments I will make sure I stay away from it.

Jknits said...

Good luck with the UFOs. I know it can be hard to pick up a project. I try reminding myself how happy I'll be when it's done. That sometimes works.