Monday, March 31, 2008

Wee Tiny Sock Swap

Yarn Miracle was hosting the Wee Tiny Sock Swap this weekend. It was uber simple, knit a wee tiny sock, write a note, and drop it in the mail to your wee tiny sock swap partner. These wee socks are addictive and distracting. I really should have been knitting to finish the 52 pair plunge, but have just seemed to lose the desire to finish. The larger sock of the two is knit in left over Yarn Love sock yarn and the smaller wee sock is knit in Tofutsies. I had forgotten how splitty that yarn is.

I did finish a few pair of bigger socks. The Koigu socks are finished. I love them. The second skein had a few blemishes in it, but was still wonderful to work with. I thinks it will be cool enough for a little longer so I can still wear them this spring.

And another pair, knit in Opal Rainforest Tiger. These were a pretty fast knit. I probably should have made the leg a little longer, but I was anxious to finish them.

And I thought I would make myself a pair of ankle socks in a cotton blend sock yarn. I am knitting these in Regia Cotton Surf. Unfortunately, there is a little more negative ease than I care for. The eldest daughter is very happy about that, since they fit her perfectly. My hope is to finish these tonight. This pair would be pair 51.

And for pair 52, I started a pair of socks for CIC. Nothing like a child's size , worsted wt sock when you need to knit something fast. This is about 25 minutes worth of knitting. I will finish this one and then knit up the other one and then spend the rest of my knitting time working on the second ankle sock. Hopefully the 52 pair will be finished by midnight.

K, the knitting daughter, the eldest of my babies, is now a licensed driver. She went Wednesday to take the written portion of the test and Thursday to take the driving part. She did "very well" says the driving test person. And now a new anxiety will begin every time she leaves the house. So far she has still had either her dad or me in the car with her, but that day will come very soon when she backs out of the drive, and takes off on her own. I hope I am ready.
Well, I am off to knit these socks. Wish me luck: )

Friday, March 14, 2008


We got a good snow. Last Friday and Saturday the winter storm finally hit. I was up late and was watching the beautiful, white fluff fall. I was going to go out and shovel a little bit, but it was a very wet snow and coming down faster than I could shovel, so I opted to just watch it fall. I am a pretty sedentary person, but I love to shovel snow for some reason. Anyway 2 days later it was in the 50's and then the next day in the 60's so it didn't take long for it to melt, but I enjoyed it while it was here. The tulips are popping up through the ground, so I guess it is time for Spring, which I also love.

I was able to finish a few pair of socks over the weekend. The Denmark socks are finished. I have worn them already. I am so glad I finished these. I love the thickness of this sock and they are so warm. At least I got to wear them before the Spring warm up is in full force.

And I finished the pink Triple Twist socks. I did a yarn over short row heel on this sock. I needed to try a different heel for the Sockknitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. I am still a heel flap fan.

I also knit another baby sock. This one is for a baby boy. I knit these in the Hercules color way with left over Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn. Sheri asked if I could combine the two patterns, so I did and it will be available soon at TLE. I have named the pattern "For the Wee Ones"

And I cast on for another pair. I am knitting these in Koigu. I got this yarn in coffee/sock yarn swap last year, or maybe the year before last. Thanks again Anita. Since I have size 10 feet, yardage is always an issue. I had a little left over Koigu in a solid blue, So when I ran out of the beautiful yarn Anita sent me, I finished the toes in this blue. Both of my daughters told me they looks silly with just the toes in the blue and I should have made the heels blue too. I was going to do that originally, but was afraid I did not have enough for heels and toes for both socks. I would rather be safe than sorry. Anyway, I love them, and since they are for me, that is all that matters : ) This pair will be 49 for the 52 Pair Plunge ... woo hoo!!!
Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments about the designs in the Cables on the Go book. I loved and appreciated them all. I don't have email addresses for all that commented, but I tried to respond to all of them. Thanks again, and have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shameless Plug....

..But first, some finished socks to show. The 52 Pair Plunge ends this month. So I have a little over 3 weeks to knit 7 pair of socks. How I wish I had knit a pair a week. It would have been so easy to do. Anyway, now the rush is on. So first finished this week were the Makin' Waves (I have given them a name) I knit these in Pagewood Farms Glacier Bay 3 ply sock yarn. This yarn is wonderful to work with. It has a super tight twist, and a ton of "sproing". I purchased it at The Yarn Grove The color is Navajo. It is similar to Jitterbug, but I think I like this a bit more. This pattern will be available at The Yarn Grove in the near future.

The second pair off the needles this week ... Cables Galore in Opal Uni ( don't know the color # ... sorry ) This pair was a victim of second sock syndrome. I don't even remember when I started them, but it was sometime in 2007. I really like this color of blue. They will look great with jeans.

And I have not finished the pair, but I did finish the first Triple Twist sock I started in the yarn I had dyed a few years ago. I had to let my eyes rest before I could cast on for the second one. I am making this pair with a short row heel, instead of the heel flap.

And while my eyes are recovering from the bright pink of that yarn, I am finishing a pair of Denmark Socks, from Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road". I am knitting these in King Cole Merino Blend 100% Superwash Merino. These would be done if it weren't for the fact I knit 4" of the leg with the cables going in the wrong direction. I am blaming it on the eye strain from the pink yarn.

And a little, instant gratification was needed so I knit a pocket book slipper yes that is correct, just 1 ... so far. I am going to knit up several pair of these and send them to the local women's shelter. I was looking at this when I finished it and thinking no way will this fit on a foot, but it does, and a variety of sizes too. It fit all three of my kids..... and mine too..... amazing, I tell you. And it only took about 45 minutes to knit one of these.

OK, now onto the shameless plug. A little over a year ago, I was toying with the idea of submitting a few of my designs to magazines. I contacted several places for submission guidelines and then really did nothing with it. Karen was very instrumental in encouraging, pushing, talking me into doing it. So when Vogue sent a request for designs with cables for an up coming Cables on the Go Book, I submitted 2 designs. And then the waiting began. I had actually given up any hope after about 4 months and then I got an email. They had accepted both of them..... I was shocked and elated all at the same time.

A few months ago I got my copy of the book, and I was even more elated than when they accepted the designs. There is just something so neat about seeing "designed by", with your name behind it. Anyway, the book is available now, so I can show pictures. This is the hat design that was accepted.

And this is the scarf. These are not the photos from the book, they are my own. As you can see the shrubs were in bloom, so it has been a while ago.

And oh my, the yarn the scarf was knit in is yummy. It is Sublime/KFI Cashmere Merino Silk Aran. The hat is knit in Classic Elite Yarns Desert.

OK enough of the shameless plug. I have to take the eldest back to the library again today. I had to take her yesterday to return a dvd and she forgot to put the dvd back in the case .... so we have to go again.

Have a great week all!!!!!!