Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stepping into Summer

Wow!!! We have had a ton of rain. So this beautiful, sunny, day is most welcomed. I think tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. I know in a month or two we will be begging for rain, but right now I am screaming Uncle.

I had ordered some yarn from TLE last week. I got it on Monday or Tuesday and immediately cast on for these socks. I feel like I have not knit socks in forever. I can't show you the yarn in balls, because I have already knit this pair up. These are knit in Crystal Palace Panda Cotton Print in the Painted Iris color. The pattern will be available at TLE in the near future.

Also from TLE came Paca Peds in the Carribean Chocolate color. I got the Heels and Toes version, so hopefully there will be no stressful moments worrying about running out of yarn . I must really, really like this colorway, because I have A LOT of it now in my stash. Well I guess blogger wants to load that picture sideways, I can't get it to turn the right way.

And then the next day came this lovely yarn from The Yarn Grove. I have to say I was torn between this and the Misty colorway and I am so glad I chose this, but I may still have to order the Misty. This yarn is so beautiful. I fear some of my other favorite yarns may be taking a backseat to the Pagewood Farm yarns. This one is Denali in the Sky Blue Pink colorway. I love the color name, it reminds me of all the Uncle Wiggly books the kids and I used to read when they were much younger.

And I don't have pictures of it, but my order from the Etsy shop Gudonya Too came too. I ordered the Whipped Clean in the Italian Lemon Cream and the So Delicious. They smell heavenly, but I fear I may be allergic to the Italian Lemon Cream. I used it yesterday and was quite itchy for the rest of the day. The So Delicious seems to be OK... so far. I will have to try the Lemon again, but it will probably end up going to the girl child. Driving daughter will probably be allergic to it too, so the youngest will no doubt get it. I was so disappointed when I started getting itchy all over, it smells soooo good. That was the only thing different used that day though .... bummer. I am still waiting for an order from the UK, so I will show that when it comes. The rate exchange really stinks, our poor American dollar is worth practically nothing elsewhere. What surprised me though, was that the shipping was no less then most places here in the states.

That is about it for this week. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Little This and That

I really don't feel like I have been doing much in the way of knitting lately. Must be that I haven't knit any socks. I don't know what is up with that. I did order some yarn from The Loopy Ewe this week, and it should be here tomorrow. And I got some lovely sock yarn from Karen for my birthday. She sent the Folk Shawl book too.... you know what that means .... yep, I need to buy yarn for shawls : ) The Paca Peds is the Fireside color. She doesn't know how close I came to buying that myself this week. Thanks again Karen. I got money for my birthday so I am waiting on orders with yarn and needles and bath products and we will see what else I can find to purchase. There is some yarn at The Yarn Grove calling to me.

I am almost finished with driving daughter's top. I just swatched, took some measurements and cast on. Top down, no pattern required. I still need to figure out what I am going to do with the neckline, and of course weave in all those ends. I doubt seriously she will wear this (but I hope she will). She picked the yarn out more than 5 years ago. I bought it when Threadbear was still here, and that has been a while. And you know how tastes change in young girls. I really could not get a decent picture of it, I think all the bright pink and yellow was wreaking havoc with the camera. She was clowning around, not wanting her picture taken. She is such a silly kid.

I also seem to be on a dish cloth/towel kick. This is what I have finished/started this week. The dish cloth is of course the ballband dishcloth. The dish towel is a pattern I saw on Hakucho's blog. It is a free pattern from Creative Knits. I have always liked the hand knit dish cloths, and now I have found I prefer the hand knit dish towels too. Needless to say, I purchased several balls of Peaches & Creme when I was out this week.

I knit up a little doily too. The pattern is titled, Small Doily , and it is. I think the youngest has decided she want to give this along with a candle to her teacher for the end of the year gift, which is next week ( I can't believe the school year is over already). I still need to weave in ends, put some kind of edging on it and block it. It just looks like a lump of lace right now. It was super fast to make, even with crochet cotton and size 1 needles.

Remember me mentioning that the driving daughter found an afghan she liked, and wanted. You know... a crocheted afghan (yikes). I am not much of a crocheter, so keep that in mind.... I started the squares. We saw the design on Ravelry, and she decided she had to have it and it had to be in blue, brown, and cream. I have started the endless squares. I have more than this finished. I am almost done with the 16, needed, small squares. Then onto the medium and large ones. The pattern says to make all the small squares in the same sequence, but I just couldn't make 16 identical squares. There sure is a lot more wrist action with crochet, and my wrists don't care too much for it. I hope to get the desire to work more on this, hopefully this weekend.

Well, I think that is it for today. Have a great weekend. We actually had a break from all the torrential down pours we have been having. It was so nice to have a partly sunny day today.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Moley Potter?????

The driving daughter came home Friday and asked if I wanted to help her make a Mole this weekend. She is taking Chemistry this year. So I am thinking.... 6.023 X 10to the 23 power, how do we make that. No she means a mole like the little silky, furry animals that dig up your yard. They get extra credit for making the mole; extra, extra credit for making a mole with a theme of some sort; and extra, extra, extra credit if it has the same mass as an element.... or some such thing. She cut it out, and came to me with thread and needle and asked me if I would show her how to start the sewing process, so I got out the sewing machine...I am not sewing this thing together by hand. She stuffed it and made the scarf and I added claws and the eyes, nose and scar. She drew on the glasses and viola, a "Harry Potter" themed mole AKA "Moley Potter". She colored a toothpick with a sharpie for the wand and we tucked it under an arm. She loves him. This is the only mole I hope to see in my yard this year.

I was stuck on the couch for the weekend with my leg elevated and my stylish TED hose on. I have a tendency to get DVT's (it is a genetic thing) and am on anticoagulants for life (blood thinners) but still, a clot reared its ugly head towards the end of the week. Anyway, I was able to finish the girl child's top. It is not easy to seam a garment half reclined with your leg elevated. When I got up Sunday morning she had it on, so I guess the first time it is washed will be when it gets blocked. You can see more pictures of it on my Flickr site, just click on it on the sidebar or on Ravelry. She loves it, but she says it is is 100% Mercerized Cotton, how itchy can it be? other than the alleged itch factor she loves it, it fits great and she wore it to church on Sunday. I promised the driving daughter I would make a top for her. I bought the yarn years ago, for said top. That will be next, after I finish at least one pair of socks for the month. Driving daughter has also found an afghan she wants ..... it is crochet(not my preferred method of needlework)... so I will be working on that too.

I have nothing else to show, I can't believe I haven't started a gazillion different things to share. Have a fantastic week all!!!!