Monday, September 29, 2008


I know that this blog is usually all about knitting, but this weekend has brought great sadness to our family. Saturday morning , my sister Karen lost her husband. His death was quite unexpected, and the entire family is in shock. He was only 48, soon to turn 49. I ask that you keep Karen, her children and Tim's parents and siblings in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time and that they would find strength and peace in their time of grief. I was with her this weekend to offer my love and support, there is really nothing more anyone can do at a time like this.
Again, I ask that you would keep Karen and her family in your prayers.

Friday, September 05, 2008

It Is All About Socks......

That is all I have been knitting. Now that the SoS 08 is over, I think I am ready to work on a sweater for the DD's upcoming Birthday. But for now, all I have to share....that is right...socks.

I finished 2 pair of socks that I had started and shared in the last post.

The Victorian Swags knit in the Opal Petticoat.
And also finished is Miriam knit in Pagewood Farms Chugiak
This is a pair I started several months ago and put away when SoS started. They wouldn't count, due to the start date. These are for the eldest girl child. She is happy these are finished. I didn't weave in the ends until after she left for school though, so I could take pictures of them before she wore them. She thought they looked way too long in the foot for her, but they are a perfect fit. I keep telling her that her 5'9 1/2" tall body would look funny on size 7 feet, but she still can't believe they are that long. These are knit in Regia Cotton Surf. I knit a pair of anklets for my niece with this yarn too. 2 pair with one ball, what a deal.

And I started and finished a pair of socks knit in ShibuiKnits Sock in the Blossom colorway. I love this yarn, and I love the fabric it knits into. These are the Coral Bell socks and will be available at The Loopy Ewe soon. I mailed a box of patterns yesterday.

I also knit a pair of socks for CIC. A knitting friend of mine has developed an allergy to wool. She has always been sensitive to it, but I guess it has progressed enough, that it has caused her to need to visit the emergency room. Anyway, she gifted me some of her wool. Most of it is remnants, and will be perfect for CIC knitting. This pair is knit in a variety of colors of Lambs Pride Bulky. And here is the youngest modeling one of them. I ran out of the off white a few rows short on the second one, so it has a little more of black, but I think it will be OK. Knit on size 7 dpns, these are tightly knit and will surely be toasty warm for some little child. I will be able to knit several pair with the wool she brought over. And I get to try some wools I have not knit with. Her husband travels abroad a lot with his job and would always bring back yarn from wherever he was. Some of them just have hand written labels on them, so I have no idea where they came from, it just says "really soft merino" and the yardage. DD1 has laid claim to the alpaca, but we will see.
It has been gray and raining off and on all day today. But if feels a little cooler, thank goodness. It was in the 90's on Tues and not much cooler the last 2 days. I am ready for some cool, crisp, Fall days. That is about it for this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!