Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UFO Resurrection

A couple years ago I purchased this cute little Sassy Skeins Kit. I was going to make it for my youngest daughter, even though it was designed to be a boy sweater. She liked it. Well, like a few other projects, ahem... maybe more than a few, it was started and then packed neatly back into the cute packaging and forgotten about. The other night I ran across it and thought I would just take a look at how far I had actually knit before putting it into hibernation. I had knit probably 10 or so inches. Looking at the measurements I knew there was no way it would be long enough for the girl child at today's height (it changes daily it seems), but would still be wide enough. I also knew I would not have enough yarn to make it as long as I would need to fit. So I toyed with the idea of frogging it, I looked online to see if I could find more of the yarn to finish it as designed but much longer (no luck), but the girl child had other plans. I asked her what she wanted me to do. We toyed with the idea of a tank top or a tee shirt style top and she chose a tee shirt style top. This surprised me, because she is a big fan of the tank tops. Her reasoning.... if it is tee shirt style she can wear it to school. What????.... she expects me to finish this so she can wear it this school year. So a dropped sleeve tee it will be, and I am making fairly good progress on it. She doesn't even mind being measured frequently so I can get the neckline and shoulders right. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I will have enough to finish it as a tee.

I finished the baby socks to match the little dress I designed. These are knit in the Katia Mississippi 3, as is the dress. I was thinking of giving this little outfit to the driving daughter to gift to her Japanese teacher, she is expecting in June, but my niece has other ideas. She would like me to save it for her, "for when she starts a family". Since niece E is only 19 and in college, I am hoping that will be awhile. She also suggested "I might want to design a few more" : ) And this is the girl who has repeatedly stated she wants NO children. My sister let me borrow her Lee Middleton doll to model the ensemble. These are life like, newborn proportionate dolls. I didn't think about it having cloth arms and body or I would have tried to find a little shirt. It is a perfect fit for a newborn to 3 months size. I am sure my sister's neighbors were wondering what I was doing with that baby. Esp when I was in the flower bed with it and trying to get it to keep its head up. It really does look pretty real from a distance. She slept right through the ordeal and was not harmed : )

Well, I believe that is all for today. I will leave you with yet another picture of Springtime beauty from my flower bed. Have a great week!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can It Be.......

... Something other than socks???? Yes, it is true, I do on occasion knit something other than socks. Last weekend I went to visit my sister, to celebrate my niece's 18th birthday ( I don't know how she grew up so fast) We took a trip down the road to visit Yarns and Fabrications. I was going through "yarn shop" withdrawal, since I do most of my yarn shopping on line. I have had in mind a design for a baby dress for a while and was in the market for some inexpensive yarn to knit one up. I don't have a baby to knit for, so no need to spend a fortune. They had the Katia Mississippi 3 on clearance, 40% off, it is the right gauge for what I had in mind, so it came home with me. It is still in need of a good blocking and buttons for the shoulders, but all in all, I am happy with it. Once it is completely finished I will take better pictures of it. It is a bit breezy out today and difficult to get a picture of it not blowing around in the wind.

Karen and I had not seen each other since Thanksgiving, so we exchanged our socks. These are the ones she knit for me. Knit in Trekking. I couldn't get a good picture that shows all the colors but they are beautiful. They are really more navy than the picture represents. The other pictures I took of them make them look solid black, so at least with this one you can see there are other colors in there. It is so nice to get a pair of socks someone else has knit. And I have such huge feet, I know it is a labor of love. Hopefully, we will get the cool front they are promising and I will be able to wear them at least once before it is time to retire the wool socks for the summer.

And on the sock front, I did cast on a pair of socks. I am knitting these in Shibui Knits in the Marine color. I really like to knit with this yarn. It has a soft hand and a tight twist.

I believe that is all I have to show and tell today. I will leave you with a picture of Springtime beauty. It is wonderful to see the rebirth of nature that comes with this season, but it sure is making my family miserable with the allergies.

Have a great week !!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Has Sprung....

The flowers are beginning to bloom. I have no idea what happened to my Crocus this year, I didn't see a one, and I have tons planted. And these Hyacinths are usually much fuller... they must have had to much water and warm temperatures over the winter. And the April showers have been in full force since, oh lets see.... all year. We are pretty soggy here, with more and more rain in the forecast. Hopefully it will stop raining long enough for me to clean out the flower bed on the side of the house.... it really needs it since someone didn't do it in the Fall.... something about too much knitting to do : )

Daffodils added for Allison's Contest

I started a sock with the Jojoland Melody sock yarn today. I have to say it is not one of my favorites to knit with. I am glad it is relatively inexpensive as far as sock yarn goes.... I hate to waste good money on sock yarn I don't care for. It is exceptionally splitty and really seems rather thin. It does, however, knit up into a nice soft fabric ... but I doubt I will buy any more of it.

Now, this lovely yarn, came in the mail yesterday from The Yarn Grove. It is Pagewood Farms Chugiak in the River Rock colorway. I loved the Glacier Bay sock yarn so I had to give this a try too. 450 yds of tightly twisted yumminess. And the price is fantastic. I have a feeling the sock above will be frogged, and this will take its place on the needles.

I was somewhat of a slacker, (actually a total slacker) in the 25 Things for Charity last year, and am hoping to do better this year. I am already sadly behind, as I should have a minimum of 6 items knit already this year. I have 2 1/2, unless I count the baby socks, but I am pretty sure those will be gifted, or at least one pair of them. One of the driving daughter's teachers is expecting soon. Anyway, I have knit a few pair of socks for CIC this week. Knit in worsted wt yarn from the stash, the blue one has sock yarn held along with it for the heels and toes. Hopefully, I will remember to knit a few pair of these each month and I will stay on track this year. That is, once I get caught up.

Well, that is all I have for today. I think I am going to go wind a ball of yarn and start a new pair of socks, after I finish the other blue CIC sock, of course : )

Have a great weekend all!!

Edited to add: I got my Wee Tiny sock today from Donna Thanks so much for the adorable wee, tiny sock. Isn't is cute : )