Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work, Work, Work.....

It sure has a way of interfering with the knitting. But I really do love my new job. Who knew I would like working in public health, even with the big pay decrease. I find it very rewarding and interesting. You definitely encounter all kinds of people. Last week I was in Indy for training and enjoyed that also. However, as I mentioned before, it sure does interfere with the knitting time.

I mailed a box of patterns off yesterday to Allison at SSYC. The girls at work, all non knitters, were intrigued about just what it is I do. I mailed the package on my lunch break. So I pulled up my Ravelry web page and showed them my designs. Can you believe I have been there since April and have not once taken my knitting to work. I really don't have time to knit at this job, so no reason to bring any temptation. I think they may all be looking forward to knitted Christmas gifts.

Remember the Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints yarn from the previous post? I know it has been a while ago, so I will wait while you scroll down to take a gander. It has become this. This yarn is nice to work with, very soft and smooshy. I do love Cherry Tree hill yarn. This pattern and Deverell from the previous post are on their way to SSYC and are in my Ravelry store if you are interested in them

I have done some stealth knitting, but I can't share that with you. Well I need to get ready for work. I have a very short day today to make up for the extra hours I would last week. I hope to have more later. Have a great week all.


SusanB-knits said...

Love the sock! I'll be checking it out at SSYC.
Glad work is going well but not so glad it interferes with your sock designing, I mean knitting, lol.

Beth N said...

Socks look wonderful as always--that yarn is beautiful.

Karen said...

Sehr schon. Do I have that pattern? You sent it to my right? Glad work is going well. I finished two socks this weekend, but they aren't a pair (if you know what I mean). Love you!!