Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Knitting Theory #1

There is a contest going on over at Jerry& Maxy A theory to prove whether there is a difference in the hands of different styles of knitters ... anyway, I think that is what is going on. So, I had my very reluctant daughter, she is having a bad day, take some pictures for me.
Exhibit 1 : idle hands

Exhibit 2: knitting hands

Now, onto the reluctant daughter. I feel so sorry for her. First of all, she was at band camp all last week in the blistering heat. They were outside in the heat for 6 hours a day, and she endured that like a trooper. I know I could not do it. This weekend she went to a camp with the church youth group. It was sort of a welcoming of the freshman, which she will be this year, into the "senior" youth group (sort of an oxy moron I know). Now, my oldest has always been somewhat accident prone, in fact I often tell her I should wrap her in bubble wrap before she leaves the house. Well she fell off a cabled wire type rope during some "extreme challenge" She has a bruise that is 11" long on her thigh , one about 4 " long and 2" wide on her chest, and her arm is bruised, but otherwise she appears ok. I did take pictures of the bruises but she doesn't want me to show them off. Anywho, yesterday morning she wakes up and tells me her arm is sore and she has a terrible sore throat and she doesn't want to go to band. I am a little hesitant to let her stay home because they are pretty strict about missing, but I let her stay home because she went all last week and didn't complain so I figure she must feel rotten. No fever, throat doesn't look too bad and she seems to be able to move everything ok. Then last night she asks me to look at her throat again, and I do and I think it looks suspicious for strep, so I tell her she can sleep in I will take her to the doctor in the morning. So we go the pediatrician this morning and while we are there I asked him to take a look at all the bruising just to be sure it is just soft tissue damage and nothing more to worry about. Well, we end up at the radiology department for xrays of the arm and tomorrow get to go to the orthopedic doctor for follow-up as the arm may be fractured. But the good news is, she doesn't have strep. This child has had 6 fractures in her 14 years of life and stitches twice, did I mention she is a little accident prone. She is such a stoic child and it is hard to tell when she is really hurting. Now I feel bad for waiting for a whole day to take her. And I think I am going to buy a HUGE package of bubble wrap when I am out tonight.


Jerry & Maxy said...

Oh, my, I hope your daughter is on the mend. Ouch. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the contest - WOOO HOOO!

Karen said...

Well that will slow down the clarinet playing. Glad to hear she doesn't have strep but sad that her arm may be broken. Give her a tender hug and kiss from Aunt Karen.

Kathy said...

Oh Monica. We have all done that kind of thing as parents. Go easy on yourself. I always tell my kids that their bodies are strong and know how to heal. I want them to grow up with confidence in this, because, we all get bumped around in life.

thanks for the jerry and maxy tip. Im going over now.

Erin said...

don't feel bad. they knew me by namein the ER and all called me crash.