Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Was Tagged

And in my haste to get that cloth knit and shipped back out I forgot to take pictures of everything. My hands kept going numb from the speed knitting of cotton ... give me some size 1 dpns and some squishy sock yarn any day. But this was fun. It is not a fancy cloth, but hey ... I was in a hurry. The pattern is Garter Stitch Lace Facecloth. This cloth and some Sugar n Cream is on its way to Missouri, with a few other goodies in the box. Not a bad turn around time, I got the mail at around 2 PM and had this back to the post office before 5PM.

I made a pair of baby socks with some left over Lorna's Laces Sport in the Irving Park colorway. I hope they will fit a 7 month old baby. I didn't have one to try it on, so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will fit come Fall. 36 stitches and a short row heel, no pattern required.

I don't have any other finished pair of socks to show, but I do have some singletons. They are basically the same pattern knit in Spritely Goods Peppercorn, Opal Uni I can't remember the number, and Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Spring Frost.
That is all I have for today. I need to go pick DS up from confirmation class.
Happy Knitting !!


GamecockDoc said...

Wow, amazingly fast dishrag knitting. Way to go!

~Tonia~ said...

That was a quick turn around for sure.

What cute little socks. It is always fun to knit things like that in miniature.

All the other socks are very pretty. Now they need mates to produce more of those baby socks. ;)

Beth N said...

Your fingers were flying again-to think--you knitted, packed and got to the post office that fast. The baby socks are so cute! I really like the peppercorn--all the socks are great.

Alisha said...

You honest to goodness rock at knitting socks!!!

I love those baby socks. I am making a pair of socks right now (very slowly LOL) and I was thinking to myslef I hope there was some of the yarn left over to make a small pair.

Karen said...

You rock at fast knitting! I will have to print off that pattern, I'm on a dishcloth knitting craze.

hakucho said...

Your cloth(very pretty pattern and color) and socks are all so beautiful. You are such a speedy sock knitter :)

happy knitting :)

Janice said...

wow! That was a lickety split turn around time on that dishcloth!! All of the singletons look great! (Lonely, but great!!) I have some loney single socks as well.... sigh.
And I love the baby socks.. may have to try some of those with some of my leftover yarn.

Diane said...

What a speedy knitter!

Love all the socks. The baby socks are really nice.

Windyridge said...

Great socks. I enjoy knitting socks because they are portable and get done quickly.

Helen said...

Love the dishcloth Monica. I have some sugar n cream so I've printed it off and will knit it up.

In all my years of knitting I have never knit a dishcloth so this will be my first dishcloth!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Wow what a stash of socks you're going to have. Is this your winter supply? Where do you find the time to knit so many? Well obviously, you're FAST. Way to go, Monica!