Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Really Have Been Knitting

Seems like it has been forever since I have finished something .... no I don't have anything finished to show today. But I am making progress. Aug. 9 is soon approaching, the in-laws anniversary, so the afghan has been consuming much of my time. After about 15 minutes, I really start to get bored with it and have to make myself knit just a few more rows. I do this a couple times a day, or try to anyway. It is getting close, it is for sure getting cumbersome to move around when knitting it. The pattern is Spring Lace from The Little Box of Throws.

The MS3 has seen a little knitting time too, but I am no where ready for the next clue that is going to be released tomorrow. Here it is in that "lump of lace" state. I didn't feel like pinning it out for a picture, because...well, I am just too lazy, so the kids are helping to stretch it out. Not very pretty to look at like this, I know, but at least I am knitting on it a little more now.

And I have finished 1 sock in the CTH Sockittome in the Spanish Moss colorway that I got from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe I like this yarn. And the second one is in progress..... No SSS.

DD1 is back home, I am so happy. She had a wonderful time at my sister's. And as soon as she got home, she was off running around with her friends, so I still haven't seen much of her, but is is wonderful to have my baby home. Well I better knit on the afghan.


Karen said...

The sock looks great. The shawl looks great. Mandy is lonesome without "her" Kaitlin. Our girls are so silly!

Karen said...

Oh, forgot to say the afghan looks great too (just 1 more week)!

~Tonia~ said...

All three projects are so lovely. I bet the in-laws are going to love the throw.

Glad that your baby is back, even though she is out with her friends, at least she comes home to you in the evenings. ;)

Diane said...

The afghan looks really nice. Love the color.

Alisha said...

Great projects you have going one there!!!

p.s. You won July's stitch markers!! I just need your snail mail and I will get them off to you!!

Beth N said...

I love that afghan--the colors are just beautiful--sock is beautiful too.

hakucho said...

Wow, your in-law's afghan is just gorgeous. I'm sure that they will just adore it. Color is so pretty and the pattern lovely.
Summer is not the best time to be finishing up a large blanket...way too hot having it in your lap for the last few rows!!

happy knitting :)

Anni said...

Wow that's a beautiful sock. Just my colours. And your MS3 is looking good too. Mine has ground to a halt.