Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Can Still Knit Socks!

It has been ages since I have finished a pair of socks. But, I have great motivation ... I don't want the eldest to wear mine. So, I have to knit some for her. I not only finished this pair, but I cast on for a second pair for her. She is going to be so excited when she wakes up in the morning and finds them finished. I am disappointed with this yarn though. It is the Cascade Sassy Stripes. See the big white areas near the toes... no dye... what's up with that? And on the second sock there are smudges of gray in the yellow. Well at least it was on clearance, and it did not cost much to make these. And Kaitlin really doesn't mind, in fact she seems to like that they are off a bit. She says now she finally has her Doby socks ... whatever, I think I will still drop Cascade a little email. You can't see the knotted cable down the side, but it is there. 68 stitches and size 1 DPNs 10 st /inch. Hopefully knit at that tight gauge she won't blow the heels out too soon.

I have been working on the Lopi sweater today. I really want to get that done by the end of next week. That is my goal anyway. It is looking really nice, I may have to make a cardigan too, with the mild winters we have been having here, I could probably get by with just that for most of the winter. I hate to wear coats.

Well, I am having some major dental work in the morning. I need to talk myself into the fact that all will be ok, so I can get some sleep tonight. So, goodnight knitting friends.


Karen said...

Kaitlin's socks look great dispite the dye problems. You have your SAM2 socks done before me (that hasn't happened before). I can't wait to see your Lopi sweater (you do such great colorwork). You'll be fine today (saying prayers), I'll miss "talking" to you. Love you!

Helen said...

Hope all went well with the dentist Monica. The socks look fantastic and congrats on winning the Tim Tam competition. I don't eat them but my son is a huge fan of Tim Tams.

Alisha said...

Great socks!!!! Hope the dentist went okay.....You'll have to send me your email so I can send you your winnings!!!

trek said...

They do remind me of Dobby!

primdollie said...

wow what can I say you are amazing!!! and I need to get back and do socks soon too!!! too many projects and work is getting in the way!!hehehe!!
Hugs Linda