Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lacevember Questionnaire

Well, try as I may, I cannot get these questions to stay on separate lines I don't know what I am doing wrong. My son seems to know, so maybe this will be right. But here are my questions and answers for this weeks Lacevember prize. How long have you been knitting? As long as I can remember.
How did you learn to knit? My mother taught me.
Favorite thing about knitting? What I love about knitting is the portability and the relaxation.
How long have you been knitting lace? I have not been knitting lace for very long, maybe 3 or 4 years.
Favorite thing about knitting lace. It is kind of a love / hate relationship. I love the look of the finished product, but hate how easy it is to forget a little yarn over, and have it go unnoticed for several rows sometimes.
The yarn questions, or flash your stash
Favorite lace yarn? I love anything Lorna's or Alpaca / silk blend
Variegated or solids for shawls? Depends on the patterns, but I tend to like variegated.
Favorite lace color? Blues and greens
Technique, or show us your skillz
Circs or straights? Circs all the way.
Favorite lace knitting trick? Make extra copies of the pattern and highlight each row when it is finished.
Lifelines? oh yeah, can't live without the lifelines. If so what: usually another piece of yarn, occasionally another circ needle if one is available.
Fancy blocking wires, or just sewing pins stuck in your carpet? Unfortunately, sewing pins in the carpet, on a sheet or beach towel.
Pattern, or can you follow directions Most definitely need the directions.
shawls or lacey items?
triangle, rectangle, or circular shawls? I like them all
Charts or printed instructions? charts , all the way.
Favorite lace you've knit? I haven't finished a whole lot so I would say Charlotte's Web.
Favorite lace you want to knit? Too many to choose just one
Just Fun, yup that's right, just for fun
Favorite jelly belly flavor? Green Apple
Tell me everything you know about Eric the Red. Who is Eric the Red, was he a Viking
Coke, classic or with lime? Diet coke
Holiday carols, sing along, or wish they would be banned from all public airwaves? Sing along
What is the definition of irony? Which one, there are 3 different types of irony.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? No one knows except the owl, and I think he cheats too.
Why is my cat always puking in front of my son's bedroom door? Well at least it is not on his bed, I don't know , he either loves him or hates him.
What is your superhero power? I can read my kids' minds
If the laundry is 9 foot by 11 foot (just dreaming, that's a big laundry room), and the walls are 8 feet tall, and you are going to tile the entire room in tiles that are 3 inches by 5 inches, what color should those tiles be? sage green
What's for dinner tonight? beef vegetable soup
What is clogging my children's bathtub drain? Probably barbie shoes or legos .

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