Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Knitting

I have pretty much stayed home the last few days, sitting on the couch, doing a lot of sleeping and some knitting. My mouth is pretty sore, but getting better. Now I just have to wait for the bone grafts to heal or whatever they do and we can finish the dental work. I am 44 years old and had to have a baby tooth removed. It was hollow underneath so there was a lot of drilling and rebuilding to be done. I thought maybe I had a cavity, but the baby tooth was just old and tired of being there. Tylenol puts me to sleep, so the pain medicine makes me almost comatose.
Any way, I finished Ben's socks. I did everything but the toe last night. If I had finished them last night, I never would have been able to get a picture of them. They would have been on his feet as soon as he woke up and that would have been it. They would never look the same again. I wanted to get a picture of them in daylight, and it is still dark when they get on the bus in the morning.
Once I got to the toe graft on those, I knit this bag for Kaitlin. The flap is a little wonky, but she likes it. I really wanted to make the flap longer, but at almost $20 a ball, I opted to knit until I ran out of close. I just can't see buying another ball of yarn for what would have been about 10 yards of yarn. I figured if she didn't like the flap I would cut it off and felt it a little more. She was disappointed when I told her she could not use it today, as it was still wet.... " but it matched her outfit" Can you imagine what that would have looked like after she loaded all her junk into a still damp bag? Not a pretty sight I am sure. This is Farmhouse Yarns "Roxanne's Mohair" in the Sedona color. I am working on another pair of socks for her. I am to the heel flap on sock 1. I want to get a couple pair knit for all three of them before Christmas. I think I can do it. And Lauren's teacher wants an earflap hat, so I need to get working on that too. So much to knit, and so little time.


Karen said...

You'll be cranking socks out like me before you know it. They look great! I love Kaitlin's bag. Kids!It's a good thing you have something so nice to do while you recuperate.

Paula said...

I love the colorway on those socks! and you bag is great!
I hope you are feeling a bit better today!

Diane said...

Dental work YUCK! I'm having laser gum surgery next year and I'm sooo looking forward to it.

I have a Ben too! Mine is 18 and he won't wear handmade socks. Hey, one less person to knit for LOL. Love the colorways on the socks.

The purse came out beautiful.

hakucho said...

Your felted bag came out very nice. I love the colors. Very very pretty!

Happy knitting :)

trek said...

Those socks look just like the ones Neatnik was wearing today! She calls them her Zebra Socks.

Tiffany said...

I love those socks. The colors are great! So simple.