Friday, November 24, 2006

And it isn't even Christmas yet....

My dearest sister, and her daughter came to out house for Thanksgiving yesterday. This has become a wonderful tradition for us. We look forward to it every year. Well, anyway, last week was Karen's Birthday. I sent her some Claudia's Handpainted Yarn in the mail so she would have a gift from me on her birthday, and the rest she would get when they came over.

This is what I had for her when she came over: a pair of handknit mittens, knit in Mohair and sock yarn held together, some Colinette Cadenza and some Meilenweit yarn, which she immediately cast on. She had a sock half done by the time they left. And even though it is not my birthday and is not Christmas yet she had goodies for me. First, a pair of socks she has knit for me. I have a pair going for her, but I have been a slacker sister, and have not finished them yet. They fit great, chevron socks knit in Opal sock yarn. There was a glitch in the ball and the socks aren't identical, which stressed her out a bit, but I love them.

And my very first Socks that Rock in the Scottish Highland colorway. She is so sneaky, I thought she was getting this for herself, now, I know better when she asks which one would I order if I had to choose just one. She is such a good sister. I will have to find just the right pattern for the socks to knit with my STR.

And then, today in the mail, I got a package from the ozknitter, she had a contest not too long ago and I won. The prize, their favorite Aussie biscuit ... TimTams. I can't wait to try these. For some reason blogger won't let me load the picture of the package I got today. I have tried 6 times now and no luck. They are the special October edition for Breast Cancer Awareness, and there was an individual one of the original TimTam too. Thank you Jane for sharing a bit of Australia with me.

Well, I need to take my girls for a hair cut, the youngest is going to donate to locks of love. She has been fighting me in this, but now she is kind of excited about it. So, I better take advantage of the opportunity before she changes her mind again.


Diane said...

OOOOO nice yarn! Love the mittens. What a nice sister you are.

Anonymous said...

The STR yarn looks yummy!
Good for your daughter, locks of love is a wonderful thing to donate to.

Karen said...

Lauren looks great with her new do. And, it's fun being "tricksie", I can't wait to see what you knit with the STR yarn. I finished off the pumpkin and lemon meringue pie you sent home with me (I hope I can wait a whole year for my next fix).

hakucho said...

You are so lucky to have a sister to share your love of knitting! I'm envious :)