Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pattern for "Little Girlie Purse"

Little Girlie Purse (by: Monica Jines)
I ball Kraemer Yarns "Mauch Chunky" or other chunky weight yarn
Crystal Palace "Little Flowers" or similar novelty yarn
16 "circular needle size 10.5
DPN size 10.5
k = knit
co = cast on
bo = bind off
st = stitch(es)
garter st = knit every row
pu = pick up
pm = place marker
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
yo = yarn over

with 16" circular needles co 24 st and work back and forth in garter st for 17 rows
pu 8 st along short side of rectangle, pu 24 co st along bottom and another 8 st on the other short side. pm begin knitting in the round.
K 12 rounds
Add Little Flowers holding both the yarn and Little Flowers together and knit 9 rounds. Drop Little Flowers.
K 6 rounds
round for handle placement:
k4 st, bo 2 st, k10 st, bo 2 st, k16 st, bo2 st, k10 st, bo 2 st, k12 st, (you should be at the marker)
Next round:
k4, co 2 st, k11, co 2 st, k17, co 2 st, k11, co 2 st, k13 (should be at marker)
k 4 rounds
Eyelet round for picot hem:
* k2tog, yo* repeat from * to * around
k 4 rounds
bo loosely
Fold hem to inside of bag at eyelet round and loosely seam to inside of bag, forming a picot hem. Weave in ends.

With dpn needles, and holding yarn and Little Flowers together, co 3 st and make 40" of I cord.

Felt, shape and let dry. Shave off fuzzies (if desired). Cut Icord in half for the handles and insert into holes made with bo st. Knot on the inside of the bag. I am using a magnetic closure for my bag.

Please use for you own personal use and respect copyright laws


primdollie said...

this is lovely and like the little ruffle at the top!! and the colors are great I also have some of the Mauch yarn and so now will for sure have to play with it!! thanks so much for sharing the pattern and all!!! it's great!hugs Linda

Jennifer said...

thanks so much for posting this...i will definitely be making it one of these days - sooo cute!

Aimee said...

Hello Monica, thanks for the pattern. I've been reading your blog for just a little while, but when I noticed you are in Indiana, I thought I would say hello. I live in Brown County, between Nashville and Bloomington. Finally figured out your LYS is close enough for me to visit. Maybe see you there sometime!


I live 10 minutes awawy from Kraemers Yarn Shop and have used Mauch Chunk for several felting projects, like's French market bag. It is a very nice yarn!

Judy said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern!